Monday, March 16, 2009


As you all is a game for grannies...and smokers. I know that grannies like it...since the only time I've ever played bingo is with my the kitchen table...when I was a kid. She had a few favorite and dominoes...and monopoly. We never played for prizes...we just played for the thrill of being the first to have bingo.

Since those long ago days...I have actually poked my head into a bingo hall on occasion...and noticed that these people really take their game seriously...with signs all over reminding patrons to be quiet (no talking...or laughing). Now that doesn't sound like a lot of fun to me.

So we decided to have a bingo night with our own rules....and threw all bingo etiquette out the window. Talking and laughing were encouraged...smoking was not an option...and eating was mandatory.

We collected prizes from businesses in our area...and had a wonderful prize table. And here's the best part...we played for free.

Every few months, we plan a social activity of some sort for the 'empty-nester' crowd at church. This time it was a Bingo a community hall with a nice low ceiling. I borrowed the authentic bingo spinner from a fellow blogger...found printable cards on-line...and we were good to go. We played until the prizes were all gone...with rules that we made up as we went along...and a good time was had by all.

* * * * *

My weekend was by no means all about fun and games. My dad was admitted to the hospital on Friday after not doing so well for the past few weeks. We now know that he has pneumonia...and are hoping the antibiotics will have him on the mend before long. For a long time we have been planning a family five siblings and all the dad...and some of my nieces and nephews. That cruise is booked for the end of the month (that would be next week)...leaving from the port of Galveston, Texas. So we are still hoping that dad has a speedy recovery...and will be up to making the trip with us. That is the little 'roadblock' to which I referred yesterday...and over which I have no control. But we will leave it in God's hands...and hope that when we meet in Texas next week...he will be with us.

Have a wonderful Monday...


  1. Ooh, I have always wanted to go play bingo, but no one else thinks it's a good idea :(

    I have been quite worried about Grandpa too, but thank goodness for Kris getting him the help he needed. I am relieved that it is "only" pneumonia, (though that is still not an ideal sickness, but better than some of the other options we had). I am just so relieved that he is in the hospital now. I wasn't sleeping well at all, and I was so worried. I hope he feels back to his normal self soon, though Mom was telling me he was still telling stories as per usual when they went to visit him!


  2. Bingo was the birthday party game of choice when I was 8 or 9 years old. A big thrill was getting my mum or dad to play with us on a Friday night - the thrill of being the first to call 'Bingo'!
    I'm sorry to hear that your dad is so ill - but the wonders of antibiotics are such that he may very well be on that cruise with you, soaking up the sunshine and basking in the love of his children.

  3. I hope your Dad will recover fully, Judy and be able to make the family trip. It sounds so nice and would be so much fun!

    I've only played bingo a few times but I enjoyed it when I did. Did you know that smoking is banned in most public places in NYC -- from Bars, restaurants, work places, schools hospitals, etc.? It's been a wonderful thing!

  4. You always know how to create fun! It's fun just knowing you from afar.

    I'm sorry to read about your dad's being ill with pneumonia. Gosh, first your son and now your dad. So your Dad and the trip are going to the top of my prayer list. I can't think of anything that would help him feel better than sunshine and warm weather. It would be so disappointing to not have him along. Course then you could talk about him. ;>

  5. I love to play Bingo..I am a grammie but not a smoker! hehe
    Hopefully your Dad will be able to join you on the cruise..sounds like a fun time!

  6. What a fun night. There is a big bingo hall near my home and it is full many nights of the week. I've been told by people who play at that location, that they always have a great time. I like your version. My prayes will be with you and your dad, that hopefully he will feel good enough, so that you can go with your exciting adventure.

  7. Bingo night sounds like a fun idea. I remember playing it on a cruise as a family when my kids were little. They had a lot of fun.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your dad being hospitalized. I will include him in my prayers. The cruise your family has planned sounds so nice and it would be such a shame if your dad couldn't be a part of it.

  8. Oh gosh Judy, can I come play Bingo with you??
    Sounds like to much fun!!!

  9. Oh goodness, I remember playing bingo growing up ..the cards were so worn but still were readable. I recall my eyes flitting about from my card to the others. .and all for no prize. .too funny.
    Judy, I will certainly be praying for your Dad and for your whole family as you prepare to spend time together. .

  10. That sounds like a lot of fun!
    Oh, and I'm glad your dad could get antibiotics for his ailment and I do hope he will get well quickly. You must feel so relieved!

  11. I'm sorry I missed the event...Glad to hear your Dad is on the mend.
    We'll catch up later.

  12. That sounds like a lot of fun! I will pray for your Dad, my Mum was taken into hospital back in December with a bad chest infection, that was on the Thursday, on the Monday she got the bus up to spend Christmas with us (a 5 hour journey)So hopefully your Dad will be well enough to take the trip with you all.

  13. I hope your father is on the mend & can make the trip with your family. It sounds like such a nice vacation. I got a bingo game for Christmas when I was around 8yrs old and I remember how my family all played at the dining room table. We didn't have prizes but it was still lots of fun. I like your blog!

  14. Judy
    I'm sorry your dad isnt well but hope he'll be all better soon and you're almost ready for a lovely cruise. Lucky you! Last year we just came back from one.

    I've only played bingo a few times years ago and it was fun...your scheduled bingo planned games sound like so much fun!

    thank you for sharing.
    all the best to your dad
    have a lovely day
    (from Ontario)
    I hope your weather is nice and springlike...ours is slowing turning that way..

  15. Praying that your dad makes a quick recovery. Maybe all that laying around on deck in the sunshine would be good for him. Your family vacation sounds so special.


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