Thursday, March 5, 2009

too close to home!

I tend to focus on the lovely things in my neighbourhood...and try not to pay too much attention to the rest. And so it is that for the most see sunsets and rainbows...and my lovely grands...

...and the snowcapped peaks...and the eagles soaring above.

But today I must tell you that it is not all Utopia and 'pie in the sky' over here! Our sleepy little community...where doors remained unlocked when I grew up...and everyone knew their now home to gangs and their activities.

Yesterday's news included the story of the BMW pictured here that was abandoned along the highway not far from my home...belonging to a notorious gang member. The vehicle was fully armoured with bullet proof glass and heavy steel plating. this is getting just a little too close to home.

Every day we hear a new story of horrific gang violence....while rival gangs exchange gunfire in shopping malls. Gangsters are arrested and released on bail within hours...since it is against their human rights to detain them. Innocent people are losing their lives just by being at the wrong place at the wrong time. It seems that our criminal system and our laws have no power over organized crime...and so the gang activity continues.

I'll be back to posting some lovely pictures tomorrow...but for today...I just had to share that there's a few things happening out here that I'm not one bit happy about! Organized crime is a global problem...but it seems Canada has been far too accommodating and welcoming to these groups. Is there any chance of fixing this mess...or are we too late?

Have a great day...and stay safe!


  1. It really is rather shocking, isn't it? We often talk about the "power of one" and in this case it seems that the minority are strongly influencing the culture of our communities. One would think if the majority gave a consistent message that this behavior will not be tolerated in our neighborhoods, it should be turned around...Maybe fear, and not quite knowing what to do aside from political lobbying, or wanting to stay oblivious affects how our culture deals with this stuff... so not happy also!

  2. Judy .. it is getting far too close to home isn't it? What will happen? How bad will it get. . .and where will it stop. Every time something supicious is happening in the neighborhood I'm suspicious. . we've come a long way in our beautiful British Columbia.

  3. My gracious! I would've had no idea that this was going on in your world. Sounds as if the citizens of your fair community need to speak up loudly as one voice and demand tougher laws. How awful it would be if it were too late?!

  4. When I was in Abbotsford in January there was a shooting outside the grocery store where I was buying some treats for the evening. Everyone was directed out of the plaza and detoured - so awful to think of the violence so close. Since then women and children seem to have also been targeted. It's a terrible problem - always tied to drugs.

  5. I just recently heard about the problems in British Columbia. And it seems that in Canada, the U.S., and Mexico the problems are escalating as well. I wonder, too, why laws are not tougher and criminals are not punished more severely. I agree with Vee. Good citizens need to let their voices be heard. It's not always easy to do, but if we don't start speaking out against sin and lawlessness, it will continue to get worse.

    Lately I've been praying for courage to speak out the truth, and that is found in Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth and the Light. I believe He is our only hope for turning things around in this chaotic world.

  6. Yea, that's scary eh? I didn't think we lived so close to this violence.
    What is our part in the process?

  7. Adam and I were just talking about this last night (not knowing about the specifics about the BMW at the overpass). A friend of mine heard a shooting in Van a few weeks ago, gang related, because it was on her block! We've seen some awful things too, when we lived in Yaletown (YALETOWN!?!?) in the city. And there was a shooting right beside our old complex - across from a Christian Elementary school - in North Van too, just a few months ago, also gang related. It seems like this problem is only getting worse, and the penalties are only getting lighter. I wish the judges had their heads screwed on. Imagine if every violent criminal was sent away for life, to a place that reflects the punishment they deserve. Not to cable tv, and free education. I'm all for rehabilitation, but something isn't working with our system right now. They aren't scared to go to jail.

  8. There is so much violence in the world all around us. And, this was just way to close to home. How scary!

  9. It's getting to be a not so happy world everywhere...but until we get honest about illegals in this nation, what are we going to do? We're going to swallow hard and take it, just like we're doing now. Sad.

  10. My husband texted me this morning telling me of another 2 shootings in Surrey last night.

    Apparently, BC has the highest crime rate in NORTH AMERICA right now.

    I am shocked and deeply saddened by our formerly quiet valley. I don't know if we CAN fix this problem anymore - but I truly wish and hope we can.

  11. Judy, I was so saddened by this post. I am sitting here in disbelief. In our county we do have alot of criminal activity, and it is a frightening situation, but we do not have gang related activities right nearby. That has to be alarming for all of you in your gorgeous country. I am thankful that you shared it, although it deeply saddens me.

  12. I really didn't know this about your community Judy, and I'm saddened by it.

    I live in a big borough of New York City -- over 2.5 million people live in Brooklyn,NY and there are parts of it that I would be frightened to go to day or night because of drugs and gun violence. That part always seems to be in the news, and I think a lot of people think that all of Brooklyn is bad, or a slum, when in reality most of it is safe and pretty. NYC had a very tough mayor, Mayor Giuliani, and he was very tough on crime and really made a difference in the city.
    I too try to dwell on the good and lovely parts of my community and city, but we always have to stay alert to the bad and be careful too.

  13. I lived for too many years in the middle of the gangs in inner city Los Angeles. 95% of the people just want to live their lives. It's the 5% that bullies the rest of the population and terrorizes them. I'm sorry the gangs have moved in to your area.

    Marg says that you'd like to play the alphabet game. My husband The Professor plugged in his magic randomizer and came up with Q. Yes, Q! Are you up for it? If not, he has a letter in reserve.



  14. I cant believe this of beautiful British Columbia, how awful. Whenever I visited it seemed to be such a well ordered place. I'm sorry you are having these fearful groups around.

  15. Judy, sadly it's everywhere! No one can sit behind closed doors and think to themselves "that kind of stuff doesn't happen here" because they're lying to themselves.

    What scares me is that pure evil cannot reign because of the presence of the "church" (body of Christ) in the world. However, when we're gone--can you imagine the crimes and inhummanities that will take place then?


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