Friday, March 20, 2009

spring is here?

It's official...spring has arrived. It may not look like spring...or feel like it...but we have crossed the line...and winter is now a thing of the past!

We have had showers and snow flurries...winds and hail...and even a wee bit of sun this past week. It was spring break...but there was no leaving the jackets behind this past week.

The moon in the morning sky looked rather chilly...

...and we had fresh snow on the mountains...and even on our lawn a few times.

The robins are wondering if they possibly made a mistake...and arrived a little too early this year.

And out on our pasture...the trumpeter swans have taken up residence. They rather seem to enjoy the cold and have no intentions of leaving anytime soon...much to the farmer's dismay.

As the sun sets on winter...we are more than ready to turn the page.

Spring is a little reluctant to arrive this year...but we will welcome it all the more when it does.

No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow. ~ a proverb

Enjoy the first day of spring...


  1. We got a big kick out of seeing all the trumpeter swans! What a gorgeous sight. Yes, that moon does look cool as in chilly and cool as in awesome. Thanks for all your lovely pictures. Spring is tiptoeing in this year, I guess.

  2. Happy Spring Judy. .
    Your pictures of the turning of the seasons are wonderful. You truly have an eye for photography and I love how you write. .
    Enjoy Spring. .

  3. Spring may be slow to arrive for you this year, but your photos are just beautiful. What incredible views you have from your front porch and kitchen window too!!

    Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Spring.

  4. Still cold but spring is here! No matter if we get more snow or cold weather we will claim spring! the pics of your spring time feathered friends.
    Happy Spring..

  5. I can only imagine the sound of so many trumpeter swans gathered together! They look beautiful with the snowy mountains as a backdrop. What a wonderful view you have!

    We had snow flurries this morning also! It made me smile. I like when the season going out tries to hold on a little longer.

  6. I didn't feel spring in the air yesterday....
    I'm dreaming that it comes soon...
    Soon you will be sailing away into the warmth...and for sure the wet hair look will be gone.

  7. BEAUTIFUL pictures!! Every season has its beauty.

  8. I am speechless! Your part of the country is gorgeous!! Your views of the do you ever get anything done? Was that one picture taken from your kitchen sink? Outstanding post!

  9. Lovely photo's. Yes it would appear that spring is arriving in the UK too, still pretty chilly in the evenings but beautiful sunshine in the day.

  10. It sure is beautiful in your valley!
    Spring is reluctant to arrive here, too. Right now it's raining and chilly - I look forward to lighting a fire later to take the chill off.
    I've just come back from Nanaimo and saw the swans on several fields along the way - they are lovely!

  11. Spring is slow to come in PEI too.

    I've never seen trumpeter swans before. Just read about them in By the Shores of Silver Lake - Pa killed one by mistake and they made a beautiful little jacket for Grace.

    What a gorgeous view from your kitchen window! I'm sure it's beautiful in every season.

  12. Happy First Day of Spring! I know things are a little late here too. My garden still looks like winter, but we have had a few warm days this week, and I think the buds are going to start swelling...

    Can't wait!

    Beautiful view out your kitchen window!

  13. We've been having spring most of March on the prairie -- I am so afraid that the "big chill" will come and take away all that is blooming!

    I've never seen so many swans in one place - the farmer's may not like them but they surely would be a smile every day on my face to see swans!

  14. I am in awe! To look our your window and see that beautiful enormous mountain watching over you! What a blessing.


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