Thursday, March 12, 2009

Speechless...then and now!

The Year: 1971

The Date: March 12

The Location: Under the Rosedale Agassiz Bridge

The Characters: Elmer and Judy

The Props: 1969 Acadian, blue
8-track cassette, Everly Brothers...'Devoted to You'
And most importantly...

...the ring.

The Question: Will you marry me?

The Answer: I think I was speechless...but he knew the answer before he asked!

The Occasion: Our engagement.

And this morning when I awoke...I was speechless as well. Hmmm...I had no post prepared and wondered what I would blog about this morning. Then I noticed the date...and knew there was something very good about this day. Thirty-eight years ago...I found the right words as well. I said 'yes'...and I'm so glad I did.

There's something good about this day in 2009 as well...I just glanced out the window and saw this beautiful moon this morning...and so I'll share it with you.

Have a wonderful March 12th!


  1. How lovely to look back and remember those special days. Your post intro read like the opening of a great story - and I'm sure it truly is, in real life!

  2. Had to chuckle Judy.. you said nothing prepared and then you come up with a special post!

  3. reminded me of those special days!
    Oh, the important decisions we made when we were so young and having no idea what life would hold! I too am so thankful for the choices ones I made!

  4. Okay, cross out the extra word back there!

  5. Happy anniversary, Judy and Elmer!

    What's up with these March anniversaries in BC? Must be the springlike weather...

    Hope that Elmer has some special plans since, obviously, you don't! LOL!

    Great shot of the full moon...

  6. A lovely and romantic story, and a beautiful ring too.

    I remember those 8-track cassettes...things certainly have changed since then!

  7. Congratulations my friend! I hope you both have a special romantic evening together, and I hope the moon is as beautiful as it was in the picture. Thirty eight years is certainly commendable...wish you 38 more!

  8. Happy Anniversary! Have a lovely day.


  9. Judy . ..happy engagement day to you .. .what a treasure to be able to remember this day with a soft heart and a love that continues .. .even after all these years.
    May God continue to bless . .that which he began.

  10. How sweet...hoping you have a wonderful anniversary today.

    Wow your up early, it's still dark outside, ha, I'm soooo not a morning person...

    Thanks for your visit this morning.

  11. Happy 39th engagement anniversary Judy! What a beautiful ring!

    La bella luna...the beautiful is always for lovers.

  12. What a memory eh? It probably seems like yesterday. It's funny how we remember exactly the occasion and event....They will never leave us.
    I did catch a glimpse of that moon.

  13. Happy anniversary! Enjoyed the story. Kathy

  14. Awww, congrats! Beautiful ring!


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson