Monday, March 9, 2009

Pretending it's spring....

With a forecast of snow and frigid temperatures for the weekend...we decided to make the most of Friday's sunshine!

Emme and Spencer came for a sleepover...which started after school. It wasn't exactly balmy...but the girls were in spring mode and brought skipping ropes.

They needed someone to help turn the rope....Grandpa willingly obliged. Emme showed us it was possible to turn the rope at one end...and jump as well (boots and all)! Did we ever do that?

Oh to have that much energy!

And I was glad to see them playing 'Chinese skipping' (with an elastic rope) as well. That was one of my favorite games once upon a time...and I was surprised to see it is still around. I can hardly remember the rules...but know the rope kept moving higher until it was nearly impossible to skip over. Oh...the memories!

The swings which were in 'cold storage' all winter...are back where they belong...and the girls gave them a good workout.

They decreed that we were going to eat out on the patio...

...and so we did...although we were looking for jackets before we were done...and coffee! We had a fun time pretending it was spring...and now we are good and ready for the real thing. It sounds like we may just have to ride out a few days of cold weather first though!

We took in a local production of Joseph's Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with Emme and Spencer on Friday night...and so it was rather a late evening for them. One would think that they would then sleep in on Saturday morning...but they awoke at the crack of dawn ( 6 AM) and came to join us in our bed. They used to beg for they tell the stories. What fun!

Once breakfast was over and done with...they had a little knitting to do. One of these days they will have finished their projects...although we don't actually know what they are knitting at this point. If you would love to knit...and haven't a clue...try a knitting loom. The girls are using Provo Knifty Knitters...which come with simple instructions for scraves, hats and more!

The sleepover ended...and so did all pretext of spring. We turned on the fireplace...and cooked soup....and played Rook...and visited with friends. It's all good!

Have a great day...


  1. It does look like spring as I see your gorgeous valley and lovely surroundings! What a great day, as a grandparent I know how precious those times are! Thank you for your post yesterday as well!

  2. Oh, for a chance to swing on swings like those. It is so enjoyable to step into your weekend world, and see the fun you all had together. The valley that you live in, is so very beautiful! Great post!!

  3. Spring must be just around the corner. You've had so much fun pretending, just imagine what the real thing will be like!

  4. Ahh I like how you 'celebrated spring' Judy in spite of the cooler temps. I usually start having my coffee outdoors when it still is chilly, our winters are so long that I just can't wait. I haven't done that yet..we definetly need the weather to warm up a tad more..tonight it is supposed to go down to -24 and a cold week to follow...yikes!

  5. You have good reason to pretend it is spring....
    The fresh snow makes me think of working on winter projects. That's the best part of the winter.
    I'm shivering watching you eat outside.

  6. What a lovely weekend with your granddaughters, Judy! We had weather in the 70's which made all the snow melt and people were actually wearing won't last though as it does nit stay warm here until middle May.

    My very favorite thing to do as a child was swinging! I could do it for hours in our local park. I alwasys felt like i was a bird flying through the air!

  7. Children and jump ropes are a sure sign of spring. I never would have guessed that snow was in the forecast by looking at your pictures. It looks like a wonderful weekend was had by all.

  8. Your post reminded me of the knitting doll (or spool). Do you know what I mean? Do you still know how it works? I was trying to show my granddaughter and I totally forgot how to do it.

  9. What a lovely way to spend a weekend!

  10. Judy .. you are the best and most inspiring grammy. I love to watch what you do. . .and mentally check of the list of must do's. They will love to look back years from now and see the memories that you built together.
    Hard to believe anyone could be eating outside. . brrr.

  11. Hi Judy, what cute little girls and a fun grandma and grandpa. Sounds like a lovely weekend. We are in the middle of a blizzard! Oh, my and I discovered some of my tulips trying to come up.

  12. I remember knitting on a spool loom when I was little. I think I knit a rug (not a very big one!)
    I'm shivering at the thought of eating outside in this weather!

  13. What a fun filled post Judy. Looks like a lot fo activity around your house. Your hubby joining in with jump rope and all. Those girlies are so adorable!! Love the knitting project btw, and so early in the morning, my goodness, I'd need 2-3 cups of coffee for a 6 am call!

    I see a green grass at your place, Spring is around the corner...Yay!

  14. What a great sleep over with your grands. Looks like a good time was had by all. I am keeping note of how to do this grandmother thing. You make it look so easy and fun.

    I am hoping spring will finally show up around here too...brrrrr!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson