Saturday, March 21, 2009

supper in south dakota....

What better way to mark the first day of spring...than to have a gourmet dinner at a nice, cozy table...prepared by someone who has a stove that works...and lights to see what they are cooking? Those luxuries were not to be had at home!

We had been waiting for some time for spring to usher winter out...but the first day of spring brought downpours...and winds...and ended in a blackout that we won't forget anytime soon. Toward the end of the afternoon a storm passed through...with incredible winds...and it no sooner arrived then the lights went out.

Just down the road...where once stood a fine machine shop...

...the equipment now sits out in the great wide open. A few scraps of the building remain... ...but most of it is wrapped around a neighbouring home.

The rest sailed across the road...and took all the wires with it...and now resides in the field nearby.

And so the lights were off (and all the rest of those indispensable plugged in tools) ...and I was trying to do farm books...and everything ground to a halt. What to do?

We have a favorite spot to eat in town...called Dakota's. They have now spawned a new one...South Dakota's...and since they had both electricity and good food...we checked them out last night. It was a good place to be...and I will vouch for the butter chicken with naan bread. Hours later...we returned home to more darkness. The generator was running over at the barn...and Jeremy and Broni's house is hooked up on the same line...and so they carried on life as usual. We...on the other out our flashlights and candles...and thought of our ancestors...and how they might have spent their evenings.

This morning dawned bright and fair (with power restored)...and we will keep looking ahead to it unfolds! I don't usually post on Saturdays...but had to document the first spring storm of 2009.

Have a great day...


  1. Wow, what a storm! So sorry to see the damage. It's kind of fun to go back to candles etc. -- if only for a short while. I so enjoy reading your blog, Judy.

  2. Goodness gracious! I can't believe how nasty your weather has been lately. Let's fervently hope and pray that that's an end to it for a good long while. Isn't it about time for your vacation? How's your dad? What was South Dakota's butter chicken like? Gosh, I'm full of questions.

  3. Whew! that was quite a Spring storm. Heard about the hail, wind and rain on Global News. Glad you had a cozy evening and yummy dinner.

    I remember dark stormy evenings around a lantern eating bread, cheese and jam. (lots of chocolate milk.)

    We are so lucky to have a mountain range as a wind breaker between the Coast and Okanagan. Most often the worst is over before we get it.


  4. I am so sorry! That sure must have been a harrowing experience. Life is like that minute all is well, and the next everything changes. The pictures are amazing. The power of the wind is difficult to comprehend. Hopefully the second day of Spring will be better for all of you.

  5. Judy, what a storm! Great pictures. Having the power go out is such an unsettling experience. I am very grateful that we have not had to exprience it this year. Many in our area have this winter, but not us! Your beautiful little "neck of the woods" has seen some hard times this winter.

    Happy Spring!

  6. I can't remember just how March came in, but it is definitly going out like a Lion! How awful for the neighbours that lost their shed, and the ones whose house was damaged. We never know what the weather is capable of, do we?
    That butter chicken and naan bread sounds yummy!

  7. It was a doosey wasn't it? I was making birthday dinner for 12 adults here yesterday while it stormed. . I wasn't overly concerned becuause of our generator. .but it sure did make the wind chimes cause a ruckus. . .I loved it. . but I love most storms.

  8.'s definitely time for a vacation! As soon as I'm caught up in the office...I'm packing. My dad is on the mend...home from the hospital...and taking life one day at a time. This is one family vacation he won't likely be going on. As for the butter chicken and naan bread...the best!

  9. Wow, that was quite a storm! I hope you see some Spring real soon.

  10. I have no clue what side of the world you are talking about.
    Man, we live on different sides of the freeway, but no storms here, abit of wind and I was at the barn checking out the new chicks....
    Where on earth is S. Dakotas'?
    Are you dreaming??? or am I???

  11. You don't get subtle weather patterns in your neck of the woods do you?

    Goodness girl! At least dinner sounded wonderful. I actually made Butter Chicken/Tikki Masala served with Naan and yogurt tonight. Was yours a curry with a tomato base?

    I ran across this dish in an Indian restaurant in Seattle once. The next day near Pikes Market I found a spice store. They had a spice mix called Tikki Masala. Which was a mixture of whole exotic looking spices that they freshly ground for me. What a potent little bag of scent it was. I just ran out this week. I hope I get a chance to buy some when we take Jenna to Seattle next weekend.

  12. I can't believe that damage the storm did ! Here, only a few miles away we had some really good gusts but that was all. Our lights never even flickered.
    So glad you are back to normal!

    And yes, I'm ready for spring!

    Seems like Marg has had a little too much winter too.. huh ? Her comment had me laughing !

  13. Spring storms can be quite were lucky.

    Spring 'o8 we had an F4 tornado, no power for two weeks. January 09
    we had a terrible ice storm with no power for eight days.

  14. That storm looked fierce! I hope your power was restored by now.


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