Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Of friends and treasures...

There's nothing quite like meeting a new friend to warm up a cold March day. We first met some time ago...a virtual meeting over in France. We were there visiting in Elizabeth's garden...and starting chatting...and discovered we lived somewhat in the same part of the world. And as it turned out...she travels to my part of the country on business on occasion. She happened to be in town yesterday...and so we met for lunch. Although it was the first face-to-face meeting...we weren't really strangers...and had no shortage of things to talk about.

After lunch we visited a few of my favorite shoppes in the old part of town. It's really hard to walk past Creekside...

...without taking a peek!

And just down the street...we visited the best little used bookstore around...The Bookman. What fun we had...and we left with a bag of treasures. She found several books that she had been searching for...and I left with one by her favorite Canadian author. What fun!

And before leaving town...she stopped by for a quick little visit at my place. Soon it was time for farewells...

...but the welcome mat is out and I'm hoping Pondside will be back one day. Friends are the best kind of treasures...and blogging has brought me some great new ones.
Have a great day!


  1. Hello Pondside!

    What a nice day you both had together Judy. It's nice to meet old friends and reminisce about old times and catch up on current news.

    Nice shop --I'm sure I'd also like some of the things it sells.

  2. Welcome Pondside! We never know where we are, who we meet, and who will be the photographer.
    I'm sure she was welcomed at your home and we'll stop by her blog.

  3. How nice to meet up with a friend and spend the day together.
    Love your header Judy.. a touch of spring!

  4. Things like this tickle me all to pieces and I'm way over here on the other side of the continent. So glad that you met a new friend for real!

  5. Hmmm, I could've expressed that better, but I'm hoping that you know me so well by now that you just know what I meant...for real. LOL!

  6. Your new header picture is so beautiful! How interesting to spend time catching up with an old friend. "Creekside", looks to be one of those shops that would be fun to visit and I always like visiting bookstores. Sounds like you had an enjoyable day together. I enjoyed visiting her blog for the first time.

  7. What fun! To meet in person.

    I found "Creekside" has a store in Saskatoon where Andy's parents live. It's definately hard to leave without something. And now you bought something to remind you of your time with Pondside.

  8. Hello Pondside. .oh I should have slept over a night in one of those cozy rooms of yours. . and we could have had a proper bloggy convention .. so nice that you could meet a friend.

  9. Oh boy, new blogs to explore! I love it when I stumble upon new blogs, friends of friends, so to speak.

    You had a lovely day, and I'm glad you shared a bit of it with us.

    I like your new lavender and green blog colors - are you dreaming of wisteria?

  10. Judy, waht a fun story, and sounds like a great day. I enjoyed reading about it. Check out my post on Mermaids about a mama and baby moose on someone's front porch!

  11. I was so envious when she e mailed me that you were going to meet!! Glad you had such a goo time together.

  12. What a lovely visit that was! Who knew what a gift of friendship blogging would bring?
    I love your new header, Judy. You are so good with the camera - I will have to start paying attention!

  13. Arrived here via Pondside. What a lovely blog you have - I will read on, and visit again.
    Oh for a 'Creekside' near here I wonder if it has a website? Off for a look.

  14. What a special visit. Creekside and Bookman are two spots I love to visit. Kathy


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson