Tuesday, March 3, 2009

grab a java

I have no idea how this happened...but Tim Horton's Rrroll-up-the-rim-to-win campaign was well underway before I heard about it. We were out and about on Friday afternoon...and stopped by Tim's for a coffee...and were handed our rolling-rim cups. The coffee hit the spot...even if the cup was not a winner!

And why was this limo parked at Tim Horton's? It seems someone must be counting on winning big...or they just thought they would visit Tim Horton's in style...or they brought all their friends and relatives to have a coffee!

As you may or may not know...I love all things coffee. I even have coffee jammies!

Emme and Spencer asked me one day if these were the only pj's I had. Well...no...but they are my warmest, cosiest lounging jammies...and seem just right for sitting around and sipping coffee in. I've had them since before my granddaughters came along (and they are now seven)...a gift from my sister who can't bear coffee...and likely thought pj's with coffee mugs were better suited for me. And it helps that they came from 'Tall Girl' and are plenty long enough!

Here's the thing...I'm not even feeling a little bad about my love of coffee. Not after reading the results of a most recent study which touts the benefits of java.

It's good for your brain! Three cups a day keeps dementia away...such were the findings of an intensive study at the University of Finland. Researchers who followed 1,400 middle-aged people for 21 years to find out who later developed dementia, found coffee drinkers have a significantly lower risk of getting the memory-destroying disease.

Ohhh...I like that study. Just how coffee might protect the brain isn't known...but I'll push the limits. And I'll let you know if I get any bonuses at Tim Horton's this month.

Have a great day...and have a cup of coffee...it's good for you!


  1. Yes, I've had my one cup of the day. Wonder if I should up it...

    Your jammies do look cozy and delightful. I never used to enjoy wearing jammies preferring my nightgowns, but I've grown to love them. Mine are a bit more basic...plaid. I need to spice it up a bit, if jammies can be spiced. (I'm not so sure about that.)

  2. Would that be coffee with, or without the doughnut? Therein probably lies the avoidance of dementia question. But I hear chocolate works well also. I too am a coffee lover...just the smell of fresh brewed coffee and happy people chatting over their cup of coffee start the endorphins - that probably is not scientific. Love the PJs...so cute!

  3. Oh Judy I am with you..I love coffee and that study on it suits me just fine! As I always say..I don't just drink coffee to be sociable, I drink it because I LOVE it.
    Your pj's are just the cutest..

  4. You are a girl after my own heart!!! Coffee pjs...what could be better? Well, maybe coffee news that helps my brain power?? If 3 cups a day is good, think what more would do. I look forward to every single cup of coffee that I drink, whether with friends, or by myself. Great post, Judy!

  5. I've just put the pot on - if I don't do that every morning I have to stop at Tim's on my way to work. Of course, with the Roll up the Rim.....lovely to think I might win a free coffee, but it's usually 'play again'!
    Love your jammies - I also have favorite lounging jammies - always pink because I need all the help I can get in the morning and I've read that the pink will reflect back onto my face!

  6. We had a Tim Horton's right near us in Michigan, but I haven't seen any in North Carolina. Darn.
    Love your jammies and I agree they are the perfect outfit for enjoying your morning coffee.

    I read about that study too and have added another cup of coffee to my day. While watching my mom's struggles with Alzheimer's I am willing to try anything that might help prevent it.

  7. Coffee anytime for this girl!!!
    But I was about to let you know that with your PJ picture, you could win a photo shot. We were taught that it's good to take pictures without the head....
    I don't get it, but maybe you should enter the contest.

  8. Oh dear Judy...I had to give up coffee and all things warm or cold, sweet or caffiene whilst this surgery is healing...and I am suffering big time. I love my ONE or maybe two cups of coffee a day! It is my only vice and I suspect it is no vice at all. Like you I love all things coffee but I must admint.....I have never seen jammies like that...wow...good on you for wearing them that many years without a need for a change in size!

  9. Fantastic news. .by the sounds of it. . us mennonite girls should keep our wits. . I start with 2 in the morning. .and that is before coffee break.
    Love the pjs too .. gotta run ..my office drawer has been opened and envelopes are being tossed hither thither. . .

  10. I have my coffee every morning. So I'm always glad to hear it's good for us.

    My hubby is a big Tim Horton's fan - I tried to get him to buy the can of Tim's coffee(cheaper you know) but he said going there is part of the experience :)

  11. Judy, I love your jammies. I used to have pink flannel jammies with coffee mugs on them. They lost most of their buttons and ended up with holes where there shouldn't be, etc... I saved them to piece up for some sewing project. If I wasn't so sick right now, coffee would sound great! Mermaids are doing a cookbook giveaway.

  12. Hi Judy!

    Since I read thsi study I've eeeb enjoying another big mug of coffee in the morning --love it!

    Your pj's are cute! I found some fleece pj's at Costco a few years ago that were so warm and cozy I wnet back and bought a pair in every color! They'll last for years...I hope!

  13. Love the jammies!! I'm a coffee lover too! I can drink a couple cups at night and go right to sleep, I wonder how I would function without java! :)

  14. Yah hoo...I am upping my intake. I am so sick of hearing about how bad caffeine is for you. My one cup a day is going on up...to the three cups good for you level :)


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson