Friday, March 13, 2009

A sad silence on our freeway...

We live adjacent to Highway #1...with our farmland backing up against the freeway. We can see the traffic from our yard...a busy freeway with never a break (well...almost never)!

But yesterday afternoon all was quiet on the Trans-Canada Highway...

...there was not a car or truck to be seen.

Shortly after lunch, I noticed a huge black plume of smoke rising up from the highway just east of our place. It wasn't long before all the traffic was stopped.

A most horrific traffic accident, involving two semi-trucks and a car...claimed the lives of all four people involved. The two trucks exploded on impact and caused a fiery inferno...resulting in the closure of the highway for the rest of the afternoon. We felt the impact of all the traffic needed to be re-routed to the closest parallel road.

Heidi and Maelyn were over and we went for our walk as planned...but wished we had chosen to walk the river trail instead. Dodging traffic along narrow roads without shoulders does not make for a relaxing time!

Our little country roads are not meant for buses...and semi-trucks...but yesterday we once again played host to the freeway traffic.

At the end of the day, I walked to the freeway and took a photo to the east...of our deserted freeway.

Far in the distance I could see emergency flashers...and the reason why the road remained quiet... camera picked up the scene much better than my naked eyes. a moment's time...many people's lives were changed. My heart goes out to all those families who have lost loved ones on that stretch of highway once again....and to the emergency response teams who were on site.

It was a sad and silent highway last evening...and I'll be happy to see the flow of traffic once more.

ETA later in the day...
A reader from Palmer, Alaska sent me a link to the story of the Anchorage couple who lost their lives in this terrible tragedy...they had come to visit their son and meet their newborn grandson. Our prayers are with the families who suffered such a great loss.

To see our local paper's photo coverage of the here.

Drive safely...


  1. An instant, and everything can change.
    It must have been so odd to have those usually-busy lanes so silent.
    The Great Dane and I will be on that very highway in about an hour, and I'll whisper a prayer for the sad families left behind.

  2. That is so quickly and drastically things can change. I feel for those hurting families..

  3. We live a country block or two from the accident site and my husband heard the boom as the trucks exploded. After supper when we drove to to friends in Sardis, the traffic on our side of the freeway was at a standstill. We could see the accident site from the overpass and we prayed for those families. It could well have been one of us as we drive that road almost daily. May God grant comfort and peace to those families.

  4. Judy, thanks for giving us the story through your eyes. We saw the inferno on the news and wondered if you saw the smoke, and how the traffic inpacted you.
    So sad for the families affected. Will hold them in our prayers.

  5. Oh how sad... Is there a reason for so many accidents there?

    I can't even imagine your being out with the baby walking. Ackkk!
    (We sometimes hate to walk in the traffic even with a sidewalk hence our cemetery strolls.)

    Your heart for people is so tender and compassionate. I know that you are praying for those families and I will add my own prayer, too.

  6. so Sad...I was sitting in the gridlock, one mile from home dodging all the shortcuts, but every shortcut was patrolled and locked.
    Four lives....
    My friend said her husband was behind the big truck....and saw it all.
    They are so thankful, but heart for the others.
    Another day....

  7. Our road is closed several days a year but that is for a event ...and we expect it.
    I sure did think of you folks out that way yesterday once the news broke .. . so sad. .thinking of those families.

  8. Oh, Judy.....I'm so sorry to hear of this terrible accident. A reminder for all of us that life can change in an instant. Around here, sirens are heard rarely, but always when I hear one I get a chill and then start praying for whatever the situation may be.

    Yes, I wouldn't care to walk near to traffic, either. Take care.

  9. The heartache, the pain, and the suddeness of it all...I just cannot imagine. I think of your granddaughters and the impact on their little lives. Moment by moment we live, and realize the need to be thankful for simple, ordinary things like busy roads. Thank you for the reminder. I hurt for everyone involved.

  10. Such a sad silence. A silence that will be felt for much longer within the families involved. A reminder to live with as few regrets as possible . . . making sure that things are right between us.

  11. we are almost neighbours. i work just up from where the accident happened and had to cross the freeway twice to pick up my kids from school in the afternoon. horrific is all i can say.

    and the freeway after, you captured it perfectly. and yes, those parallel roads were NOT meant for semis

  12. Such a sad scene and sorrowful loss for all the families that lost loved ones. Again, we never know. So many lives are lost in automobile accidents.
    My husband's cousin lost his beautiful daughter last year when her car slide into a tree during an ice storm.

    Prayers for all.

  13. This story gave me goosebumps. So very sad to think about such a horrible accident. My heart goes out to the families of the victims. What a terrible shock this must be to them.

  14. Greetings, I reside in Palmer, Alaska, which is 45mi north of Anchorage... here is a link to the Anchorage newspaper and the story of Ann and Mike Torpy, the couple from the accident ~ I just thought you all might wish to read alittle more about the couple ~ on the evening news they had a phone interview with their son, who resides in Canada ~ he said that they had come up on springbreak week to visit them and to meet their 'new grandson'... he said they had such a wonderful time and so enjoyed their time together... I did not know them but as all of you I said many prayers for them, their family, friends and co-workers... but I would like to thank all of you in that area for your prayers for the 'traveling visitors'... the world is not so large when 'touched by prayer' ~ I too have said prayers for the trucker, and their families... such a horrific accident that has reached across borders...
    and I shall pray for all of you... sending angel hugs from the last frontier ~ Joellyn

  15. I was caught in the backed up traffic from this accident. What a tragedy. I had just purchased a new CD for my grands so I opened it and really enjoyed the fun songs. I had no idea that the accident had taken place. I thought it was road construction. I called home and my hubby told me about the accident. I had to think of how impatient so many people might have been at the wait. In light of the hurting families, the wait was nothing. It gave me time to pray for the dear families who will be grieving their lose. Kathy

  16. It was aweful. I passed by today on my way to Popkum and felt pain for the families who lost their loved ones. Steve(your sawdust delivery driver)got delayed in the traffic delay on the way to your farm. He impressed by Jeremy's offer for him to take the farm truck home to avoid the traffic back to the yard. Your family has become one his favorite customers!

  17. I am so very sorry to hear this sad news. I too will be praying for the families of this tragedy.

  18. Judy, I am chilled with goosebumps after reading your story. So sad, so, so sad. I will say a prayer for the families.


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