Friday, March 6, 2009

who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

No...this post has nothing to do with gangs or criminal activity. And the cookies that disappeared from this cookie jar in short order...were not stolen...just shared!

This post is more about the vintage cookie jar than anything else. I baked a batch of Ranger cookies yesterday...and looked around for a suitable container to store a few cookies, while the rest went into safe keeping (the freezer, that is). I pulled the old cookie jar into service...for the first time ever, I think. It was the cookie jar my hubby grew up with...and one he stole cookies from on a regular basis as a child. I'm thinking cookie jars became a thing of the past when tupperware arrived on the scene...or maybe when cookies arrived in sealed packages from the store...rather than from pans in the oven.

The cookie jar is nearly will soon be pulled out of service once again. But it was fun to have a little reminder of 'grandma's kitchen' from a very long time ago.

I'm just noticing that the cookie jar appears to be a house...with snow on the roof. The kids are still smiling...they don't ever seem to mind snow...even if it is March. All that to say...there is snow in our forecast for the weekend....and I'm not smiling about that. I'm quite happy to be turning the clock ahead one hour though!

Have a wonderful weekend...

FYI...If you are looking for any my recipes that have been featured either on My Front Porch or on the Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog...they are now filed properly on my sidebar (click on the 'From My Table to Yours' button).


  1. Good morning Judy
    Did you play that clapping game when you were a girl? The title of your post reminded me of that one and others that we'd play at recess - lots of complicated clapping rhythms.
    I still use a cookie jar on the rare occasions that I make cookies. At one time it was filled a couple of times a week, but The Great Dane and I don't need that kind of treat, so it sits on display unless the kids are coming over.

  2. I like your vintage cookie jar...very sweet. I'd send you some sunshine if I could...we are having more of that here today.

  3. Now that is a sweet vintage cookie jar! What perfectly beautiful children gazing out upon their world.

    My childhood cookie jar was an awful old owl or I thought so at the time. My own children had an awful Cookie Monster cookie jar...brilliant red and well, as I say, a.w.f.u.l.

    Your Ranger cookies look delish. I find that the freezer works best for measly cookie a day. Where's the fun in that?

    Wintry here today and another major snow event for Sunday. I hear and feel your pain.

  4. Okay, it wasn't Cookie Monster because then it would've been must be Ernie.

  5. I totally forgot all about Ranger Cookies. My mother used to make them so many times. We would love when she made them. I must get your recipe and make them for my friends and family. What an adorable cookie jar! If I lived closer, I'd run over for coffee and cookies.

  6. Ah . . .cute cookie jar .. love anything nostalgic like that.
    Judy,nice job on getting your recipes filed on the sidebar .. it surely will make it easier when i'm looking for one of yours.

  7. I love your cookie jar.

  8. I'm so glad that you posted your own recipes....That's where I tend to run when I'm looking for those cookies. I stole the last cookie when you weren't looking...

  9. That a sweet childhood memento for you husband to have in your kitchen Judy and even better filled with you delicious cookies.

    Our last snow has almost all melted -- we had a couple of nice days. I hope that it will be the last for us!

  10. What an absolutely adorable cookie jar and the cookies look good too.

    I must tell you that I recently made the buttermilk flaxseed bread you posted recently. Oh my gosh is it ever delicious. I will be making it often and thanks again for sharing the recipe.

  11. Great cookie jar. Love the recipe too.


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