Wednesday, October 14, 2009

eagles in the city...

Now out here in the country, eagle sightings are a common occurrence...

...we need just look out our window during the winter months. The city dwellers, however...may never see the real thing in their neighbourhood.

On our recent visit to Vancouver...we were surprised to see many eagles. They were not exactly like our country eagles...

...but were positioned to greet us at every corner along the waterfront. Eagle art...quite intriguing. I stopped to read the signs...and take pictures, of course...and soon got the scoop.

The eagle sculptures are part of an art project sponsored by the B.C. Lions Club to raise funds for children with disabilities in our province. Each eagle is a seven and a half foot bald eagle, formed of fibreglass...and custom painted by a commissioned artist. The completed works of art are on display in prominent public spaces in many of the major cities of our province.

It was only upon my return to the country, that I discovered we have eagle art on display at our own city hall as well. So I stopped by to check it out...

...and thought it was most appropriate for our 'city in the country'. It looks a little more realistic...but then out here we know what eagles really look like.

In April 2010 all the eagles will 'fly the coop'...when they will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. If you are interested in having an eagle all your own...check out the details at Eagles in the City.

Or if you are more interested in seeing the real thing...the eagles are beginning to arrive in our area...drawn here by the spawning salmon. We have one of North America's largest gatherings of bald eagles nearby...with many excellent opportunities for eagle watching. Every November our community and several others along the river, play host to the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival...a chance to view the majestic birds and gain a little knowledge. Why not?

Have a great day!


  1. I thought to myself. . eagle time already? I'll keep my eyes out for the real deal.
    Those eagle greeters really are amazing. . .such detail. I'll have to go look at our city hall to see if we have one too.

  2. We saw a bald eagle this spring..what magestic birds. When I saw them I couldn't help but start singing 'I will soar like an eagle'...

  3. It is always amazing to see a real eagle! What a great fundraiser idea. I hope they make lots of money. I like the one at your city hall the best. Hmmm a a bald eagle festival...might have to look into that :0)

  4. I like to see these types of art displays/fundraisers, Judy! I've seen cows in NYC (I don't know why cows were chosen but there must be a reason Elephants and Donkeys in Washington DC (for the cartoon prototypes for the US political parties) Bears in Denver, Hearts in San Francisco. They are always so imaginative.

    Of the eagles you showed I like the one with the kites motif and the multi colored feathers, buy I agree the most realistic one is the prettiest.

    I have seen Bald Eagles in a zoo but never in the wild. It must look so majestic flying by! Were they once on the endangered list there as they were in the US? I am so glad efforts have been made to protect them.

    I hope you go to the Eagle Festival in November and report back to us Judy -- you do such a good job!

  5. The festival sound great and I really like the eagle carvings. A little too far for me to visit though!

  6. I thought that maybe you were inviting people to come to your B&B to experience the real eagles in your area.
    That art is phenomenal. I really enjoyed looking at those sculptures. Hours of work/

  7. I don't remember seeing any eagles as a child but they are becoming more and more common around here.

    I love to watch them soar on the thermals.

  8. The eagle is such a glorious bird...thanks for sharing the art work and the real deal!


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