Tuesday, October 6, 2009


We are enjoying absolutely amazing fall weather...with the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets...day after day.

And the full moon in the clear October sky has been the best.  Yesterday...the sun came up...and the moon hung around in the western sky while we had breakfast. 

It's perfect weather for bringing in the last crop of grass...

...and so that is what is happening at our farm these days.

And once the grass is packed away in the bunker...it won't be smelling so pretty over here. 

I am quite familiar with the routine by now...and know when not to hang laundry on the line.
It is what they call 'dairy-air' around here.

At times it seems the day is gone...almost before it began. 

One minute I stood at this spot and photographed the morning moon...and shortly thereafter I was back at the same spot, watching the sun sink in the west. 

Time hurries on...and I am reminded that we need to number our days. 

 I'm reading a book called 'When the Game is Over...It All Goes Back in the Box'...good food for thought. 

Life...no matter how we play it...will not go on forever!

Enjoy the day...


  1. Beautiful photos of a day on your farm. I think I know that smell you are talking about. Here in Southern California we are surrounded by farms and some days I avoid opening windows!!

  2. I want to read that book. I copied down the title. Your pictures are so outstanding! The picture of the tractor in the field is so beautiful!! To farm in the surroundings that you all do is a very special gift. I look at those fields and the mountains, and I love the combination of the two. We have the fields...but not the mountains like you do.

  3. Boy are you right about the days going by so fast and I have nothing going on that is pushing me. When I was working time seemed to stand still. So I guess we are having a good time, cause it is breezing by.
    Love the farm pictures.

  4. I know ... the sunsets have been orange lately.

    And, so true ... the saying ...

  5. By looking at your beautiful pictures it is hard to believe that the smells are anything but sweet, fresh air. I guess it's just further proof that things aren't always as they look in the blog world. lol
    I completely agree with your sentiments in this post. The book sounds interesting.

  6. I was thinking of the song, Sunrise Sunset. But how true...yesterday I was amazed at the beauty all around me. I love this time of year and that we are not being rushed by downpours.
    The beauty in the colors.

  7. Guess what song I'll be singin today? Have you tried your new camera yet?

  8. Yesterday I hung out with the moon while is was rising in the east. I was amazed at how gorgeous the sunset was. ..

    Your pictures are so beautiful with the roses against the cedar rail fence. I love that scene.

    Enjoy the fragrance of the dairy air.

  9. Moon and sun together in the morning sky...it brings back memories of a child's book called "The Moon was at a Fiesta" by Matthew Gollub.

    It is a Mexican folk tale that explains that when the moon came up during the day and saw the sun overseeing a fiesta, she was jealous and organized a fiesta of her own with the help of the stars. The moon stayed at her fiesta too long, and was still in the sky when the sun come up.

    The author/illustrator visited a school that I worked at and the story totally charmed me.

  10. Judy, my sister lives near a dairy farm in AZ and she did not know about "dairy air" until a few weeks after she moved in! It was a BIG surprise for her and her family...and they were not very happy about it! It has been a few year and I think they have adjusted to it.

    Life is precious ...enjoy your busy days my friend!

  11. That's your first "crop" of dahlias, isn't it? They look wonderful, and it looks as though you have the perfect weather for them.


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