Thursday, October 1, 2009

what will I be when I grow up?

I'm sure they often wondered what the future would hold for them... three little nieces pictured here at their uncle's wedding in 1986.  They were just as cute as a button...all three of them...and grew up a few country blocks from our farm...and so I saw them often through the years.  They are an artistic lot...drawing, painting, and creating works of art. 

Here they are some twenty years a family dinner last year. 

Kathryn (right) now lives in Australia with her husband, Adam...and draws houses for a livelihood.  And for the fun of it...she creates beautiful things in her kitchen...and in her sewing room.

Jamie (centre) is a nurse...and has been hostessing at Earl's for years as she put herself through school. 

Lauren is an interior decorator...and works at a bank...and has a side business of decorating cakes.  Check out some of her creations at Cachet Cakes...and give her a call if you want a custom made edible work of art!  And if it's cookies you need...why, she'll decorate those as well. 

If you happened to be at Maelyn's first birthday would have taken home a ladybug lollipop cookie...compliments of Lauren.  (I'm thinking that Maelyn made the arrangements while out hiking Teapot Hill with Lauren earlier this summer!)

To my three nieces...who are all grown up now...may you continue to use your creative talents wherever the pathways of life may lead you.  And happy birthday, Jamie!


  1. Oh. .such wonderful little ladybug pops. . .I was so impressed when I saw them . .thinking you had decorated your fingers to the bone. . but I still am ..that cake was amazing. (you made the cake right?)

  2. Lovella...yes, I made the cake. The 'bug' was a cake mix baked in a large oven-proof mixing bowl...the head in a teeny bowl...and decorated with butter cream icing tinted with Wiltons black & red (no taste) gel. The spots were oreo minis.

  3. I think all your family stole all the creative bones....Somehow there's not much left to pass around. It's amazing to see how they grow up and achieve and share so many wonderful events in your family.

  4. A creative crew! Those ladybug pops are sweet.

  5. What lovely and talented nieces you have. And, those cakes are gorgeous. I wish I lived close enough to order from her for our special events.

  6. As aunts, we are so fortunate to have the privilege of watching our dear neices and nephews grow up. What talented young ladies they have grown up to be,and how blessed they are to have you for their aunt. Loved the before and after pictures.

  7. A very happy birthday to Jamie. Lauren's cakes and cupcakes are fabulous!! How fun to have the 80's shot of the three of them and this latest one, too :0)

  8. Hello Judy, it does sound like you have been celebrating lots of birthdays lately. Happy birthday to one and all. Especially Maelyn, she is so adorable in her party dress.

    I so enjoyed your post of your beautiful nieces. I too love my nieces and they have grown up so quickly it seems. They too are having their own babies. What a joy to see your nieces while they were growing up. Mine are all far away. I know you are very proud of them, as you should be.

    Have a happy day and evening.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  9. Yeah, I had no idea Lauren did those cookies! So cute! That theme for Mae was just so perfect :) It's funny, I never thought my sisters and I really looked like each other, but in this photo, you can see our similarities...and for the record, at about that time, I wanted to be an astronaut...Lovely post, Aunt Judy :)

  10. Your nieces certainly are a talented group of young women. The ladybug lollipops are almost too cute to eat.

  11. They are all beautiful and talented women! I can see why you are proud of them.

    I looked at Lauren's cake website --WOW! She makes beautiful creations!

    I loved her ladybug cookies and I loved the ladybug cake you made, Judy! Very imaginative!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson