Monday, October 5, 2009

the fall garden...

By this time of the year my garden is looking rather neglected...and the flowers are mostly past their prime.  But yesterday we took our last walk of the season through our local show garden...

...where it all looked as lovely as ever!

The gardens are nestled at the base of Mt. Cheam...which had a fresh dusting of snow this past week...making for a most beautiful backdrop.

We took a leisurely stroll along the garden paths...stopping to read the plaques on the memorial benches.  This bench was placed in memory of a family friend...who was known to frequent these gardens on a regular basis...and whose family once farmed the land where the gardens are now located.

I was expecting to find a lot of oranges, golds and browns at this time of the year...

...and was surprised by purples, blues and yellows.

The butterflies and bees seemed unaware that summer is over...and were out in full force.

Sunshine...quietness...a potpourri of scent and a splash of colour... was a peaceful Sunday afternoon stroll.

And did I mention the sound of babbling brooks and singing birds?

As for the camera...the new one is still in the box.  Yes...I purchased a new camera...but unpacked it and noticed the instruction manual was missing.  I'm not real good at 'winging it'...and wouldn't think of using a new camera without my textbook nearby.  I returned it to the store and explained my problem to the sales associate...only to discover that the instructions now come on a disk.  He assured me that I could print them off.  Hmmm.  I'm still wondering how this is all going to work!  I can't see myself carrying around a full-sized binder with my letter-sized sheets of instructions from the Canon people.  Then again...I could just carry a laptop with me when I go hiking...just to be sure I will know how to use my camera.  I don't think so!  Is it asking too much to have a printed manual with the camera?

For now...the camera remains in the box...while I consider my options.

Have a great day...


  1. Good luck with the new camera!

  2. Oh .. .the garden looks beautiful this time of year. Why is that? I guess someone tending the garden makes a difference.

    Oh . .Terry suggests that you purchase an Iphone so that you can have your instructions at your fingertips. ..(I'm smiling here because I would need a manual for that too ..and I've never ever seen anyone pull out a manual for their I phone ever)

    I'm very excited about your new camera though. That must be a very new one . exciting. (glad mowing season is nearly over).

  3. What a beautiful day to browse those gardens. The fresh snow on the back drop just adds to the crispness of the day.
    I love your new idea about a book filled with pages. That's exactly what I had to do...Went on line and printed off a 100 page document, whole punched it and put it in a binder. Have fun my friend.
    Tech is not getting easier for us simple minded folks.

  4. Instructions on a disc...oh no. Looks like a great new camera! Enjoy.
    all the photos from the fall garden are beautiful Judy!

  5. Judy, I never saw a blooming artichoke before -- how beautiful it is! The fall colors have not arrived here as yet either. I think we need a cold snap to begin the process. Your Mt. Cheam looks so pretty with its dusting of snow.

    I fear many companies are not including written instructions with equipment anymore. It is either a disc or the fact that they expect you to read the instructions online. They might be saving some money but losing customers in the long run.

    That camera looks very nice, however, so I hope there is a way you can order an instruction manual from the Cannon company so that you can keep it.

  6. I remember that frustration with my little camera too! Somehow it feels very different reading instructions on the screen as opposed to having a hard copy in your hand ... and yes, printing them out ends up being way too much thick paper! It just seems it would be so much better to have something you can refer to once you're outside somewhere trying it out. Surely that's not too much to ask for.
    I guess you didn't ask them about sponsoring your blogs.

  7. Lovely photo' must have had a lovely afternoon. Yes we are just finding that lots of tems are now just putting in a disc for instructions. Not very practical, especially as theones we have been getting are in big print and we couldn't resize it!

  8. I love all the colors. As for did that all day yesterday!

    I understand wanting the manual for your camera. Have you thought of printing out only the pages you think you would need onto recipe cards, laminate and hole punch the corner and put on a binder ring.

  9. Minter in the fall...I wouldn't have expected purple and yellow themed gardens either.

    Here's my hint for camera instruction: Print out the 800 "help" number from the Canon company. Attach it to your camera.

    Call the 800 number and ask them to s-l-o-w-ly explain how to do whatever you want to do as needed. Be sure to put the number in speed dial, and insist on speaking with someone from America or Canada so you can understand them!

  10. I think you chose the perfect Sunday afternoon event. Those gardens are so beautiful with yellows and blues. I think I would have stayed all day.

    As for the new camera and the instructions...that may prove interesting. My last camera I carried the manuel everywhere with me. I am anxious to see how this works out. I heard very good things about the camera you bought from friends of mine. Can't wait to see your pictures.

  11. What a beautiful destination for an early fall outing. The gardens look so pretty and peaceful and the snow covered mountain in the background is gorgeous.
    Good luck with your new camera.

  12. I love my powershot - yours is the newer version. they keep getting better and better.

    Hmmm - I wouldn't like to print the instructions. Too bulky. I actually carry my little handbook in the case with me. I'm still learning how to use some options. And I've had it for almost 2 years.

    A beautiful garden - with such lovely blooms for late in the season. A perfect spot for a Sunday stroll.

  13. Judy, Judy, Judy time is matching on. I sometimes get to confused at things out there I just turn and not buy something new. If I had one of those new TVs like all my kids have I would go bananas. What a beautiful garden you found. A nice surprise I guess. I have had my little ole Kodak Easy Share for 6 years and just learned how to turn off the flash this week. Good luck.

  14. What beautiful gardens!
    Hope all goes well with your new camera. I agree, I'd rather have the written instructions too!

  15. Fall gardens are special...that last burst of color and hoopla. I do love it.

    You are a wise woman, you will make the right choice on the camera and we will all be so lucky to reap the rewards of your work :)

    I don't know why they think selling electronics with out manuals these days is going to work for all of us. My youngest daughter was just helping me with my ITunes application. I have an Iphone and an Ipod that came with little to no instructions. She had no idea what to do...she just fiddled around with my computer till it worked. I asked her to explain to me what she did...she said and I quote " it is electronics mom, you just mess around with it." arrgh


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