Saturday, October 31, 2009

a postcard from the pumpkin patch...

We have passed by a few pumpkin patches on our travels...and I couldn't resist a photo or two. Since today seems like an appropriate day to post pumpkin pic's...I'll share a few with you.

Pete's Pumpkin Patch lies right next to Highway Camarillo, California.

In San Francisco...the home of the original sourdough bread...we happened upon sourdough jack-o-lanterns. They looked quite friendly...but I opted for the traditional loaf.

The Mickey and Minnie pumpkins looked most pleasant...just as a pumpkin face should look. There are a lot of things associated with today that I have no use for...but a friendly pumpkin seems a nice offering.

May you and all your munchkins have a happy 'pumpkin day'...


  1. Happy smiley Pumpkin day to you too. Pete's Pumpkin Patch...just 5 miles past my house :0)
    Our neighborhood is on the opposite side of the 101 fwy.
    Safe travels home for you!!

  2. There's something very cheery about a big orange pumpkin! I've got one sitting on a bed of maple leaves by the front door. I loved the sourdough offerings!

  3. Pumpkins look so jolly all sitting under the trees, with smiley faces!

  4. So cheery. . I'm happy with cherry pumpkin day. .
    Your pictures are perfectly appropriate today. . .safe travels. . .

  5. Pumpkins have always been a favoite of mine --not only do they look cheerful, they taste so good in soups and muffins :-)

    I visited that same bakery in SF and had clam chowder served in a sough dough bread bowl. So delicious!

  6. There's alot of fun going on over here!! Love those pumpkins!!!

  7. You added a big, happy smile from the pumpkin, to my weekend. What fun!

    I enjoyed all of the pictures from this trip. Thank you for sharing.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson