Monday, October 19, 2009

tales from the trail...

As our lovely fall weather gave way to heavy rains...we decided to head south. There are ways to prolong the summer...and delay the inevitable winter that is to come...

...and the one we had in mind lies out in the desert near Palm Springs. We almost know the trail by now...and if we take the I-5 we can make the trip in two days. Hubby keeps his eyes on the road...I work on one project or another...and we both listen to audio books. By the time we arrive at our destination we have 'read' a new novel by Scott Turow and one by Adriana Trigiani...both are well worth the listen.

And I found many opportunities to try out the new we whizzed by all sorts of interesting things along the way. I was keeping an eye out for friends who were travelling the same route...with a truck and trailer in tow.

This was not them...but made for a fine picture none-the-less.

Every so often we were reminded that we needed to stop for coffee...and before we knew it, we were in California.

Mt. Shasta is always a pleasant sight!

California's tomato harvest was in full swing...with Roma tomatoes finding their way from the field to market along the interstate highway.

I had a bit of a fright when I glanced up to see a semi-truck coming towards us...but soon realized he was going backwards in a big hurry...and we wouldn't be meeting him anytime soon.
There is always something of interest along the highway of life...and it makes the trip go so much faster!

As we arrived at our destination on Saturday night after sundown...

...the thermometer read 31 degrees Celsius...and we knew we had found summer.

We enjoyed a lazy morning at the resort yesterday...and then made our way to the airport to meet our gang who flew in to join us. The had been en route for many hours......and were much more interested in beginning the vacation than in waiting in a rental car line-up for what proved to be a very long time.

The kids made themselves comfortable... claimed a fair piece of the airport as their own...and before long it looked almost like home!

For the next few days...

...we will mostly be floating down the lazy river! It is a wonderful place for kids of all ages...and we are having a great time together.

Our only regret is that Kris, Lisa and Ranen could not be with it just wasn't a good time for them to be leaving the country.

Lisa stays near home these days...and we look forward to the arrival of a new grand baby sometime soon.

As for the cows back home...we are most grateful to Corina and Steve who have stepped up to the plate...and are taking care of the farm. It's not often that we have family vacations...since it's hard for us all to get away from the farm at once.

And so ends my road report for today...


  1. looks like a fabulous vacation about to be had!

    last time we did that drive, coming through the Mt Shasta pass, we saw a pickup truck with the box full of snow. in March lol!

  2. That picture in the airport...oh those blessed momma's :D What a fun time it looks like you are all going to have. Great idea to head south when the rain starts.

    But I must admit I don't know how you sit for two days in the car. Great audio books and all. My poor husband, I dragged out a 6 1/2 hour drive home from Montana to 10 hours. I just had to keep stopping and diddle dallying at all these quaint little towns :D

  3. Oh Judy,
    I love your road report. You are an excellent tour guide. . .I've said that before but it is so true.

    Oh I love that grand getter that you passed with the little trailer. . .was that not perfect for my needs? I hate to push my beloved along but I have his next project worked out in my head.

    We have also learned to enjoy audio books. . boy does time go fast when listening to those.

    Oh the tomatoes made me hungry for salsa. .but since it is 5 in the morning. ..I'll hold that thought.

    I love the resort you are at. . .I'll put seeking that out on my to do list too.

    Thinking of Lisa and the wee one. .praying for a safe and healthy delivery .. how exciting.

  4. Enjoyed traveling down the road with you.

  5. Thanks Judy for that road report..a most interesting read!
    Have fun and be safe!

  6. You gave ma a bit of nostalgia for the trip down and family time there! A trip to Palm springs has been part of our lives for many years ... this Fall it got pushed aside for the cruise.

  7. Boy does that road look familiar. I've driven I-5 so many times from Washington to California...
    Looks like you landed in a great spot. The weather has cooled now too which is great. Glad you could all get away and enjoy some relaxation together...

  8. Looks like you are having a great trip, enjoy your family and your new Grandchild when he/she arrives!

  9. Have fun! Boy, would I like to be in a lazy river right now!

  10. I've been running around like crazy forgetting to read blogs today.
    Looks like your road trip turned out fantastic and your shots from your Canon are super.
    There is nothing like taking a road trip and shooting photos.
    I can't wait to float down the river, Oops, I mean ocean.
    Have a wonderful time with the grands.

  11. As I've said before - you two know how to 'do' a good road trip!
    Have a wonderful family holiday - it looks like you have all the right ingredients.
    PS - what a lot of gear is now required for travelling with little ones! You'll need all the adults to haul it!

  12. ah, holidays! Tell Heidi Happy Birthday! Can't wait to see more photos...and Lisa is so cute! I'm so happy for them :)

  13. Oh wow - that looks like so much fun! Especially the lazy river - that's my kind of relaxing.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson