Thursday, October 29, 2009

a postcard from napa valley...

Greetings from Napa and Sonoma...we are in agricultural country and quite enjoying the scenery.

We are just passing through...really! We took a slight detour and now Highway 101 will be taking us north along the California coast...and through the Redwood Forest. Who knows where we will be tonight?

Enjoy the scenery...


  1. It's so wonderful to have little snippets. . .I'm easily pleased. Thank you.

  2. What a trip - can almost imagine what you're seeing, as I have cousins near San Luis Obispo. Gorgeous scenery.

  3. Winding along you are...
    Many years ago 6 of us rode our bicycles through the wine country up to Mendocino and down the coast past Fort Ross to Gualala and then inland again.
    Enjoy those redwoods. They are so amazing!

  4. i just love getting all these sure save on stamps that
    hope all your travels are well, stay safe!

  5. I envy you seeing the redwoods - someday I'll travel there!

  6. I've always enjoyed receiving postcards, especially from places that I never been to. Have fun!

  7. Sounds great. My daughter was just at Alcatraz about a month ago. She visited the same places you have mentioned. She said they were at the bridge early in the morning and the fog was so bad her pictures did not show up very well. Enjoy

  8. loving following your trip. Hwy 101 has some of the most beautiful scenery. enjoy!

  9. Napa & Sonoma, one of my favorite places, been there twice for a day each time, need to go back for longer soon!


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