Friday, October 30, 2009

moving up...

It's moving day! Tim and Heidi sold their home...

...their first home...where they have lived for five years and made many wonderful memories.

It was a restored heritage home in the older part of town...with a huge back yard and lovely old trees.

Today they are moving up the hill... a new, larger home...with a small yard and no trees.

They back onto 'green space' however...and so they can call all those neighbouring trees their own.

It is an exciting day for them...and we share in their joy...from afar.

It's sure too bad we aren't home on time to help move. We definitely didn't plan that too well! (Smile).

Speaking of trees...we had an awesome drive yesterday along the Avenue of Giants...through groves of coast redwoods which happen to be the world's largest trees.

As we entered Oregon...the California sun gave way to showers. It's beginning to feel like home.

Have a wonderful day...


  1. The sadness of leaving a beloved home is only overshadowed by the joy of starting a new home to fill with memories...lucky kids!

  2. Moving day, a new home, new possibilities - all those celebrations to come. Best wishes to the three of them in their new house!

  3. My guess is that you'll drive straight through unless some shopping still calls your name.

    Oh how fun when our kids move up into homes that suit their family needs. Their first home was darling and I am sure she'll make this one just as homey.

    All the best to their new home .. .May they create many wonderful memories there.

  4. Best of luck to Tim and Heidi in their new home.
    I love moving into a new home.

  5. Just and I both have daughters moving into different homes within 2 weeks of each other. What fun for you to return home to see their home. I am sure they will be excited to show you all that they did(and you missed). How did you do that??? I like they design of their new home.

  6. Judy..enjoy the last leg of your travels and thanks for letting us enjoy some of it with you!
    Aww that is too bad about missing 'moving time'..(smile)
    All the best to Tim and Heidi on their new home.

  7. Congrats to your kids.

    I myself have been spending the week helping my daughter pack. Oh joy!

    They have sold their home too only they are doing the apartment thing while they build. Six months in a tiny two bedroom apartment...guess I will be having lots of company with them just down the road :)))

    I hope you have some wonderful pictures of those redwoods to share with us?

    And yes...sunshine has temporarily left the P.N.W.

  8. Congratulations to Tim & Heidi!'

    Much happiness and many blessing in their new home!

    Enjoy the last of your vaction, Judy,and travel safe.

  9. Drive safe on your way home. Happy for your kids...can't wait to see a new picture of their new home!

  10. Maybe a replacement tree nursery needs to be started somewhere on your property?

    The new Neo-Eclectic style house is so pretty, and fun to decorate too. You need lots of "stuff" to fill those soaring rooms! Happy "stuff" hunting!


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