Tuesday, January 26, 2010

drive by photography?

Some of my favorite photos have been taken from the car...often through the window...as we roll down the highway.

Here are a few 'drive-bys' that I pulled from the files...

...taken on Vancouver Island

...the California Coast

...the Canadian Rockies



...and Nevada.

We have a new law in British Columbia...one which now makes it illegal to talk and text while driving in the province. It makes sense to me! But I had to smile last week...when someone wondered whether I was adhering to the new 'hand-held devices' ban...and refraining from using my camera while behind the wheel.

Just to set the record straight...though I love taking pictures while on the road...and always have my camera nearby...I am usually in the passenger seat when snapping furiously...or stopped at an intersection...or I simply pull off the road. I have occasionally managed a point-and-shoot while behind the wheel...but I'm thinking that my camera would now fall under the classification of hand-held devices and as such, I should refrain from driving and clicking. I guess that makes sense as well!

Is there such a thing as a hands-free camera? It's just a thought.

Have a wonderful day...


  1. Those are amazing drive-by shots!! Yikes. Just amazing shots. I "usually" "hardly ever" take a photo while behind the wheel. Yep that's my story and I'm sticking to it. One thing I've never done behind the wheel is text...of course I don't text when I'm not behind the wheel either...

  2. Lovely photo's, you always do such a great job. When we were visiting our family in South Africa, my son in law wouldnt even let me hold my camara in the passenger seat for fear of of someone smashing the window and grabbing it!

  3. Marvelous pictures - each and every one of them worth framing, or at least making a book of "best pics while "out and about"!

  4. Judy you certainly have an eye for composition - but also a sense of the right moment to 'click'.
    I guess the only hands-free camera would be your memory!

  5. You are one amazing photographer to get those shots from the passenger seat. Wow!

    We have a new law similar to yours. It is that one can't do anything that would distract one from driving. Yup, that's a pretty broad law.

  6. I knew you were "going somewhere" with this post and smiled when I saw what you were after. Yes. . .I too am usually in the passenger seat .. and usually saying. . oh .. slow down .. look .. .

  7. Your drive by pictures are fabulous!!!

    Judy...we must put on our thinking caps...is there any way we could strap our cameras to our heads, locate a mini screen to the sides of a pair of glasses, and attach a shutter button to our noses? We could drive, look, and twitch our noses to get those wonderfully fleeting pictures without using our hands.

    Yes...we must think upon this idea hard, lest we stumble due to our picture taking passion and sin against the laws of our wonderful land.

  8. I guess you're right about this... good advice. Your "passenger" photos are interesting and beautiful!

  9. Beautiful! Each and every photo is suitable for framing to display.

    I often try to take photos while my husband drives but he has a heavy foot on the gas, and hates to pull over unless it is very necessary, so most of my "drive by" photos turn out blurry.

    We have the same law in NY, and now they are even trying to include the rule of "no eating" while driving! I guess cup holders may become a thing of the past!

  10. Wonderful photos. You have a knack for when to click the shutter. I tend to ponder the photos too much and the scene is long gone before I make the click.

    Isn't the world we live in so wonderfully diverse?

  11. Your drive by photography skills are amazing. Fabulous photos!!

  12. Oh isn't it amazing what we can do with our hand held devices. Try riding bikes and taking photos...It's quite hilarious.
    Some great shots Judy...
    Yesterday I forgot and I used my cell while driving...Ouch!!

  13. Quite impressive my friend. My favorite one of those is the Manitoba one. Actually, they are all so beautiful! Qhat talent you possess. You and your camera do a great job in capturing the moment. And, if you ever discover a hand-free camera, please let me know.

  14. those are FANTASTIC pictures....
    I love the Manitoba one, you captured that great.....the yellow fields, a corner of blue sky and the cloud with rain.....brilliant....feels like home, grin.

  15. That may soon be a law here too. I think it is a good idea too. I am also guilty of it. Not texting but taking pictures. Guess we better be careful.

  16. Had to smile at your 'hands free' post today:)

    I absolutley love the Saskatchewan picture! You are an amazing photographer with an artistic eye. Thanks for sharing them all.

  17. I love your photography. I am a semi-professional photographer living in Maine. I was wondering how you got the picture of the bighorn sheep? I am also interested in how I can get a border like the ones you have for the photos on your blog. You'll notice I don't have borders for my pictures. Thanks, Eric.


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