Friday, January 15, 2010

a nightmare in Haiti...

We have all been watching the images coming from Haiti these last few days...and seeing the devastation as it unfolds before our eyes.

I was in Haiti in the seventies...on a missions trip...and there are many things I will never forget. There was poverty...and I could never have imagined.

There was a beautiful white palace...that seemed somehow out of place. That beautiful white palace now lies in a crumpled heap.

And there were people...warm and caring who we lost our hearts to.

The people of Haiti need our prayers like never before. We can also help by donating to the relief effort...all contributions to a Canadian charitable organization will be matched dollar for dollar by our federal government...until February 12. Let's reach out and help as we are able.


  1. That's great that the government is matching dollar for dollar! Such a sweet photo of you with the Haitians...

  2. What a nice picture of your 70s self! Seems that everywhere I turn, someone has been to Haiti on a missions trip. John's pastor served there and lots of our teens went there. I noted last evening that many of the missionaries are pulling out now. The job is too great and much too intense. May God Himself help Haiti and may we respond to His direction in how best to accomplish it.

  3. The scope of the hardship and loss is beyond comprehension. I'm glad that our government is sending people and supplies as well as matching our contributions - we mwy feel powerless, but we can all contribute something.

  4. Hearts are heavy for Haiti around the world. I was thrilled to hear about Canada's matching donation program.

  5. These images will not leave our heart for years to come...I'm knitting too much and watching the TV!!!
    Your photo looks just like your daughter...

  6. Praying and giving....that is what we can and are dong. Watching the news just makes me want to put my hands and feet into action too.
    What a precious photo of you and the children of Haiti. You and your daughter look so similar. great post. Kathy (MGCC)

  7. Judy.. .what a beautiful picture of you and the little Haitian children. I have never been there and yet I can imagine just a bit of how sad the land must be. We were at a meeting last night where others related thier own experiences of being on Missions trips there.
    I thought it was interesting on the Today show today they mentioned that many churchs are there right now already before the earthquake .. knowing how much help that land needs. I thought it was wonderful that "we" are there. . maybe not in body but by our financial help in sending others.

  8. This nightmare in Haiti must seem even more devastating to you since you spent time there. What a cute photo of you and the precious little Haitian children. My heart just aches as I see pictures coming across the television. I applaud the Canadian government for matching dollar for dollar in the relief funds that are so desperately needed. Thanks for sharing this important news. It is the least we can do.

  9. Judy I learned something new about you! What a wonderful way to give service to the Lord.

    Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere and we who have so much can not begin to imagine how desperate these people are and how abused by many they have been. I am sure there will be many problems now brought on by desperation, and I hope ti does not harden the hearts of those who can not understand what these people have been through in their history.

    I hope Vee is wrong and that missionaries do not leave when they are needed most.

  10. That is such a nice picture of you with the Haitian children. I like how the one little boy is looking up to you as if he knows you were there to help him ... and you continue to be helping him today.
    I applaud your government for matching donations.

  11. Interesting about the Canadian gov. matching private donations. It has been observed here that private donations make more sense for people, as the US tax dollar (conscripted donations) will be used for aid anyway. Comments are being made about the gov. taking away tax deductions for charitable giving, which will ultimate affect the churches here.

    Meanwhile, while everyone in Haiti needs immediate aid, there are such bottlenecks. One man said why don't we send in paratroopers..they could parachute in in a jiffy, and with dropped supplies there would be immediate supplies. Duh...yeah, why aren't all the governments doing that??? Seems obvious to me, now that it has been pointed out.

    PS: Cute picture of you and the kids.

  12. It is heart breaking...I have been praying and giving. I pray that the relief will get there soon.

    Judy I love the picture of you and those precious children.

    My prayers go out to all the folks on the ground helping too!

    You can see it the reporters eyes...

  13. It is a nightmare. I'm so glad our govt is helping us help. I notice that World Vision has received the most so far. It's a good testimony.

  14. It is unbelievable that so much damage can be caused in such a short time. The terror must have been unimaginable.

  15. Such a great picture of you with the Haitian kids. I think that given any normal day - like when you were there-one would feel helpless as to how to help... but now... it looks insurmountable! We need to pray that some good leaders emerge who can organize how to best distribute the help to get to as many as possible. We have a boy ther whom we sponsor. I wonder how his family is doing?


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