Thursday, January 14, 2010

vote Chilliwack...

Chilliwack is a Canadian city in the Province of British Columbia. It is a predominantly agricultural community with an estimated population of 80,000 people. Chilliwack is the 2nd largest city in the Fraser Valley Regional District after Abbotsford.

So I learned from Wikipedia. But I happen to have insider information about the city of Chilliwack...because it happens to have been my home for as long as I can remember.

Our stately former city hall is now the museum...and the perfect backdrop for postcards from Chilliwack!

As for churches...we have many! Rumour has it that Chilliwack has the most churches per capita in there is bound to be at least one where you would feel right at home.

New law courts and an imposing clock tower can be found in the downtown core...right near Five Corners.

Chilliwack is located in the upper Fraser Valley, 100 kilometres (60 miles) east of Vancouver on the Trans Canada Highway #1. The city is bounded on the north by the Fraser River, and on the south by the Canada-United States border.

We enjoy beautiful scenery year-round...with our official slogan being the 'great outside'.

The Vedder River calls out to fishing enthusiasts...and those who just like to walk or jog along it's banks.

Surrounded by tall mountain peaks of the Cascade Range...Chilliwack lies just west of Mt. Cheam.

Our mild climate with limited extremes provides excellent growing conditions for a wide variety of crops and agricultural products. And here's the latest printed in the weekend papers...Chilliwack has the warmest daily average temperatures of any Canadian city. Surprising...but true! Precipitation falls mostly as rain (we also happen to take the award for the third wettest city in the country)...and the snow that falls doesn't usually stick around for too long.

Famous people who hailed from Chilliwack? Hmmm...I'm sure there are some. If you are a Canadian, the name Allan Fotheringham might just be familiar. He was a graduate of Chilliwack school's, and then went on to be a columnist for Maclean's magazine, the Globe and Mail and was a panelist on Front Page Challenge for many years. Or maybe you know Dave Archibald, a former professional hockey player for Minnesota North Stars. We also have some infamous people from our fair city...but I won't tell you about them!

If you have stayed with me this would you like to join me in voting for Chilliwack on the latest Monopoly poll. Monopoly is getting ready to put out a new Canadian version of it's game...and Chilliwack has actually has a slim chance of making it onto the board. But only if we all get out there and vote for Chilliwack...every day until February 7th.

There are 65 cities in the running...and only twenty spots available. Right now, we are in the #25 spot...just ahead of Saskatoon. That's not a bad showing for our little city in the country...but with your help we can do better. Go to ...register...and place your vote every day from now until the contest closes. This is one election where we welcome American voters...or any other foreigners, for that matter! And if you are for your own city...and then vote for Chilliwack as well (you can pick your favorite three cities). Here's the thing...the top ranked city at this point is one I have never even heard of. I'm thinking they must be very zealous in the city of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec. But are we!

Thanks for your help in putting Chilliwack on the board...and if you are ever in this part of the sure to put Chilliwack on your itinerary.

Have a great day...


  1. I knew exactly where you were going with this post as soon as I saw the title.

    I will cast my vote for well as Calgary. And I might have to make a post about Calgary and get some healthy rivalry going...we'll see.

  2. My dear, I have no idea who that famous person you mentioned is, but as far as I'm concerned, you're the most famous resident of Chilliwack. Okay, off to vote. Hope that some city in New Brunswick is on there and then, of course, I must vote for Halifax.

  3. That's what you call true loyalty!!
    Beautiful photos..

  4. And thanks to you Judy, for always promoting our wonderful small rural town..Yes, I'm voting...
    If it makes it on the's because of YOU and your efforts.

  5. I didn't know about this new monopoly business. Do we have to register to vote? Of course I'll vote for Chilliwack - it is a very pretty city, indeed.....and I'll vote for Victoria.

  6. Thanks for letting us know. It's not often a "foreigner" gets to vote for something Canadian! Love the photo with the red barn.

  7. I'd vote for Chilliwack, just because it is so much fun to say!
    Such a beautiful area of the world...but are you sure you want such notoriety? Tourists making detours to see "that town with the funny name" as they travel across your country? Being a "best kept secret" does have a certain advantage.

    And...Judy, Judy, are driving me crazy...what on earth does Chilliwack mean? And the River's name? Is that a descriptive in a foreign language or a person's name?

    Off to do more(unpaid) research. Thanks a bunch!

  8. it is:

    From Tcil'Qe'uk, a Halkomelem word meaning "valley of many streams"; the name of the Indian tribe that inhabits this area.

    First Nations community who lived in this beautiful area and gave it the name Chilliwack, meaning "quieter water at the head".

    I am now a little worried about having the city included in a Monopoly game however. The First Nation spelled the name totally differently, then the immigrants spelled it like they thought they heard it: Chilliwhack.

    Apparently you all then lost the second "h" in Chilliwack back in 1906, going to the spelling "Chilliwack" after being known as Chilliwhack for many, many years.

    Such carelessness, losing a lowly letter "h" like that. What do you people have against "h" anyway?

    Is losing letters likely to happen again? Will that require the Monopoly people to have to reprint the board game if, say, a letter "L" gets misplaced along way?

    And what if the First Nation people think should be spelled like they used to spell it? (Although I think they used way too many apostrophies the way they spelled it.) And why couldn't they decide what the name really meant? I found at least three translations, all of which seemed a little vague.

    Perhaps you can investigate this further. Who currently owns that missing H? Why are they keeping it hidden? And how can we be sure that it is the City and not the rock band named "Chilliwack" that we are voting for?

    Troubling thoughts. Much to consider before I go about casting my vote. This is by far too important of an issue to be casting a vote about lightly.

  9. Beautiful city! Love the City Hall...

  10. You certainly live in a beautiful part of the world :0)
    Good luck getting Chilliwack on the board.

  11. I appreciate you and your loyalty. I appreciate learning new and interesting facts about a city I only heard of recently. But, since I do know who you are and I've just realized the campaign you are on, of course I will cast my vote. I like hearing myself say the word "Chiliwack".

  12. the coach on the TV show Glee is from Chilliwack too; graduate of Chilliwack Senior :)

  13. Oh such a great post and I love yorur pictures. You really have a beautiful view in every direction.

    I'll go have a look at the voting options and then I'll cast my vote. . depending what my options are. . ;)

  14. I love all I've learned about Chilliwack from you over the years, Judy so I'll be happy to vote for it!

    Good luck Chilliwack!

  15. Ohh .. Judy...never mind your motive for the post! It was a wonderful presentation of our city! And yes! what fun if we make it onto Monopoly!! I'll go vote!

  16. What a great post. We truly live in a fabulous city. I've been born and raised in Chilliwack and proud of it. Thanks for the link for the monopoly. One vote in for me! Wouldn't that be great if we managed enough votes?

  17. I had not heard about this but I will be sure to make my daily vote. Your photos of our fair city are really does look that beautiful! Kathy (MGCC)

  18. Judy - Chilliwack is rapidly dropping in the rankings, and I and my family have been voting from multiple e-mail addresses everyday. Abbotsford is almost dead last, so we're trying to help them out to. One of them needs to make the list. There was an article in the Abbotsford News, has the Chilliwack paper featured it?

  19. How interesting Judy and what gorgious photos, especially those in the snow.


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