Thursday, January 7, 2010

the right ingredients...

It was the twelfth day of Christmas yesterday...apparently...and a reminder that the celebrations of the season are over. But January sixth can't just come and go without some kind of how should one mark the occasion?

For should grab the camera and capture the evening sky just before sunset. How special was that?

Then one should call together a group of girl friends...who happen to like blogging and food...

...and invite them over to watch a movie about blogging and food.

If you haven't seen Julie & Julia (based on the true life story of Julia Child) starring Meryl might just want to. It had all the right ingredients...and we were the right viewing crowd. It was the perfect way to spend a cold blustery winter evening.

One more needs a very large bowl of popcorn...

...nothing French gourmet about that...but finger lickin' good! By the end of the was all but gone. I think we'll do this again sometime.


  1. That sunset was absolutely wonderful. I love shooting good sunsets. I saw the movie at the theatre, but I think it would have been more fun at your house, tho a little of a drive for me:D

  2. Gorgeous sunset, good movie and what a great bowl of popcorn!

  3. That was just the best girls night. It had all the right ingredients to be a success.
    girls with ..
    .. things in common ..
    ...good snacks ..
    a cozy warm place to sit. .
    ...good conversations .. .
    .. . .laughing .. .
    ...good desserts .. .
    and frienship.
    Thank you Judy ..I had a wonderful time.

  4. Beautiful sunset..we have had a few good ones lately too. Sounds like a great evening, I will be getting the film to watch!

  5. Wonderful the sunset and the great plan for the evening and guests!!
    We watched Julie and Julia last Saturday night with our kids and just loved it! I was so glad we had full stomachs when we sat down to watch!! My husband makes his signature soup that he got the recipe out of Julia Child's red book...Potage Magali (he made it for me on our first date!)

  6. Isn't that a good movie?! It was in my Christmas stocking and we enjoyed it one night over the holidays. I love the idea of you excellent food bloggers having a 'busman's holiday' with a food bloggger movie!

  7. Good morning Judy! It looks like you had a wonderful evening!

    I enjoyed that movie in the theater with my husband when it first came out. We rarely go to the movies, as we prefer to rent DVDs and watch them at home, but I was so anxious to see "Julie and Julia" as I had such fond memories of watching Julia Child cook on TV and I knew Meryl Streep would play her role superbly!

    That was a beautiful sunset! Our skies have been rather overcast lately...more snow coming tonight!

  8. I saw that movie in a theatre with my friend who also loves cooking. The guys opted for a manly show. Seeing such a fun movie with friends and popcorn is the best!

    "The heavens display the glory of God" - sensational photo!


  9. Ah...find a list of food based movies and make it a regular event.
    A King's Cake would have been sooo appropriate, so French and the signature food for 12th Night celebrations.

    It was a great movie! And did you know that "Julie" has gone on to study butchery, and wrote a new book about it?

  10. You're right the perfect movie for bloggers who love food. Sounds like a good time was had by all.

  11. It was so much fun! Thanks for hosting us. Kathy (MGCC)

  12. I captured the sunset...fantastic, just as I was coming home.
    The right ingredients are so important to a fine event...and not to mention the hostess would be a shame.
    Thank-you so much for your hospitality Judy...It was a great evening.

  13. Thank you, Judy! I really enjoyed myself too!

  14. Loved the movie too! Looks like a great "girlfriend" evening to me! Wish I was there!!! ;)

    That sunset, wowzie, drop dead gorgeous!!!

    Have a good weekend Judy~~~~

  15. What could possibly be more fun than this! The sunset sets the mood right off and the picture of your beautiful room with the fireplace made it even better. It sounded to me like the perfect way to spend an evening together. I liked the popcorn bowl picture too.

  16. What a great idea and good movie choice. Now I just need to cook something from my Julia Child cookbook. Hmmm what about a potluck with everyone cooking something from her book?

  17. I loved that movie, Julie & Julia! Sounds like you ladies had a wonderful time!!!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson