Tuesday, January 12, 2010

what's new with grandgirlie?

For starters...the hair do is new...since to this point there has not been enough hair to do anything with.

She stopped by the other day to show Grammy her new hair decor. Prior to this day...duct tape was the only way to keep a clip of any kind on her head.

She was quite pleased to look in the mirror and see herself sporting hair jewelry...for a moment.

Then she was much more interested in putting soap on a toothbrush and trying to get a little water to help with her cleaning project.

And...for the record...she knew how to use a remote control before she actually walked.

Oh yes...she also has a new name. It seems some people are using it...but Grammy isn't that good at adapting to new things...and so to me she is still Maelyn. That is pronounced MAE-lyn....emphasis on the first syllable. See...I say it right. Her given name is Magdelyn...but the plan was to call her Maelyn. But after a year of hearing everyone (not me) call her Mae-LYN (emphasis on the second syllable)...her parents have decided to call her by her full name. It sounds strange to me...and she still answers to Maelyn...and so I'm not ready to switch just yet. One day she will likely answer to Maggie. It's just a name...but it sure is hard to get it right!

New hair...new tricks...new name...but she is still the same little sweetie. My little Maylee Moo.

Enjoy the day...


  1. So cute! Love the tutu! That is just to funny to see her with the remote poised just right!

  2. What a beautiful name for little grandgirlie to grow into. It could be that what you call her will be her special name, just between the two of you - and that's pretty special, I think.

  3. I do find it so much fun to have friends in this blogging world with whom I can identify. As I read this I totally understood the situation that you found yourself in, and I just sat here smiling. Sometimes we grandmas don't find change quite as easy to deal with as others do. Whatever her name, she is down right adorable!!! Love the last little picture of her!

  4. What a sweet post and lovely photo's....she is beautiful and all those names are beautiful too. I am sure you will all settle on the name that suits her just right.

  5. Adorable little ballerina and her hair is definitely long enough for a do. It's tough getting used to names. Many of my family members wanted to call my daughter "Laurie" but that wasn't her name. By the time she was three, she was setting them straight herself. Perhaps Maelyn (OOPS) will, too. One of my grands has a common name spelled the German way...you'd probably like that...but it's so hard to remember when I'm writing the card. At least we'll not be like the grammie I knew who thought that Stephanie was too prissy a name and instead called her granddaughter "Fanny."

    Anyway, whatever her name, she's a dollbaby and what is it with these children and all things electronic?! They must just come wired for the times.

  6. What a precious little one!

    I agree with Pondside and maybe your name for her will be Grammie's special name!

  7. So so darling .. and I'd go for Maylee Moo .. .too cute.
    What is it with names? I find myself while trying to keep with the grands given names. . .begin to call them what they call each other .. which I really don't want to do since I became Vellie becuase my brother couldn't say my name. They finally began to call me by my name when I got married.
    I think she has a beautiful name and a darling hair do too.

    Word verificaion is mageogi. .

  8. What an adorable age..I don't have the little girls, but yesterday I was snooping through old photo albums and saw photos' of my litte ones sitting in the sinks looking at themselves.
    I prefer MAE-Lyn.

  9. She's so darling Judy, what a cutie!

  10. Though I am old enough to be a grandma, my boys aren't ready to become fathers yet, so I content my deep longing for tiny tots in my life by looking at them on other people's blogs.
    As I looked at your grandgirlie's cute little hair decor and adorable sweater I had an overwhelming urge to cuddle a little one. She is simply adorable and so blessed to have such a loving grandma.

  11. Lucky you, to be close enough to see the "new do" while it's still in. She is adorable, love the picture of her at the bookcase in her fluffy skirt.

  12. Awww...nice post. She's such a good'er. I'd had a sinking feeling a week in that maeLYN would be a difficult issue to fix. I'm glad I still love the name Magdelyn!

    You can call her Maelyn forever! I'd LOVE it if someone did!

  13. Judy she is adorable! I love her wearing a tutu! I hope my next grandchild will be a girl. No there isn't one in the wings as yet but hopefully in a few years.

    PS My son is a Vincent and despite our efforts not to allow anyone to give him a nickname a teacher of all people began to call him "Vinny" and that name stuck with him. Only his dad and sister and I call him Vincent...sigh.


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