Monday, January 4, 2010

ride on...Ryder!

While you were celebrating New Year's Eve as you are accustomed...we were having our own kind of party.

When a boy turns four, he wants a party!

And so Ryder invited all of his cousins...his uncles and aunts...and his grammy and grandpa to come on over on New Year's Eve.

He rather likes tractors...and had wondered if grammy might make him a John Deere cake...

...and so she gave it a try.

Green & yellow...with a chocolate interior...served up with a good helping of chocolate chip mint ice-cream...seemed to hit the spot.

There wasn't much left for the scrap dealer!

In keeping with the theme, Ryder got a new John Deere scooter...which got a test drive immediately...through the kitchen, living room and down the hall.

With it being New Year's Eve and all...the big kids thought they needed some party games as well and set up Rockband Special Edition...which comes complete with a drum set, guitar and microphone for the lead singer...and the game itself which plays on the big screen.

Before was rather noisy in the they tested their singing, drumming and guitar playing skills. We laughed...a lot!

The all-girl band did just fine...

...with a few young drummers making a great team. The wee ones were meant to be asleep...but it seemed the music was a little too loud...or the party was just too fun to miss...and so New Year's Eve was a late one for all!

And...though there was plenty of birthday cake to go around...we couldn't pass up the New Year's fritters. They are tradition!

And so ended 2009...with our grandson's birthday celebration...with a lot of laughter and good the company of family. I'm still smiling!


  1. When a four year old in your family orders up a party - well, he gets a party! That cake was so cute, complete with its load in the trailer. It looks as though everyone had a lot of fun - a great way to ring in the new year!

  2. I can't think of a nicer way to usher out the year. Your cake turned out so cute and the picture of the kids with their party hats and noisemakers is adorable.
    Belated birthday wishes to Ryder.

  3. So, the entire world has a party just for Ryder? Who knew?! Oh he's so cute and his birthday cake was the stuff of every little guy's dreams. Your family sure knows how to have fun!

  4. That cake is awesome Judy!! Well done.
    Well Ryder's birthday looked like a hit for sure. My kids love Rockband, too. They've worn out the drums. Beatles Rock band was the new addition at Christmas :0)
    Have a great week!!

  5. Cake looks great...well done! And the party looks ike it was fun too, what a lovely way to celebrate New Years Eve.

  6. Oh awesome job on the JD cake. Ryder is such a fun boy and growing so big .. already four.
    I love to see your big kids having fun together . ..we are thinking we might add the band to our festivities next year. . we've played that before and had so much fun.

  7. Sounds like a wonderful way to start and end the New Year....
    I love the cake..It's fantastic...
    I'm wondering what you will come up with next time...
    The rock band seems to have been the highlight for adults..Too funny.

  8. What a great party - both for a birthday boy and for a new year! Your cake turned out wonderfully. The grownups look like they had just as much fun as the little ones.


  9. The cake looks amazing! I know one four year old who knows his Grammy can do anything! I love the rice crispy squares in the back.

  10. Happy Birthday to Ryder.
    My youngest grandson turns 4 on the 10th!

  11. What a fun birthday! You did a great job on the cake. My girls liked the rice krispies in the back.

  12. Your creativity continues to surprise me. The John Deere birthday cake is quite impressive. The precious smiles on all the faces brought a smile to my heart today. Family time celebrating birthdays certainly does create happy memories. Great post!

  13. Loved the hay bales! Looks like you had a great time! Can hardly believe it was four years ago we visited you at Christmas!

  14. I was waiting for the picture of the John Deere green tongues...

    Looked like a blast of fun to me!

  15. It looks like everyone had a lovely time. I hope you have a wonderful 2010.

  16. Looks like a great time was had by all. Your cake was amazing! Ryder is a blessed little guy!

  17. You did a grand job making the John Deere tractor cake! Ryder looks enchanted with it! He picked the right day to be born because the whole world is having a party! :-)

    My daughter loves to play the Rockband game ... and gitar hero. Both are fun and challenging.

  18. OMGoodness Judy...that cake was a masterpiece!! Good Job!!!

    We have so much fun with "rock band" and all those wii games. Looks like you'll "rocked" out big time. Did you give it a try??? I like the guitar playing the best!

    LOL...great photos once again!

  19. Wow! Looks like a fun B-day party! Ryder is so adorable, and that cake was so great! (I've been having fun catching up on your blog over the last few days - I was so busy up until now, I haven't even had a chance to read blogs, let alone keep up with my own)


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