Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm on the right page...

My first purchase of the new year was a calendar. Not that I was completely calendarless...after all, I have a local firefighter calendar...but I had none suitable to hang in the kitchen.

I usually have my favorite Robert Duncan calendar hanging there...but was most disappointed to discover it was sold out...so I settled for second best this year. If you are not familiar with the paintings of Robert Duncan...check out this link. (Click arrow to start power point presentation.) Next year I will purchase my calendar well in advance...rather than hoping to get it on sale after Christmas...only to find it is no longer available!

Back to the firefighters calendar. I made a special trip to the mall just before Christmas...since I heard rumours that there were firemen there...selling calendars for 2010. I must admit that I have never before even considered buying such a calendar......but since my nephew happens to be a local fireman...and since I knew he was at the booth...

...of course I wanted one.

I was quite relieved when I saw the calendar...thinking it might be one I would only want hanging behind closed doors...but it is rather a nice tribute to our local fire department, featuring our firefighters and their equipment.

Eric is in his first year as a full time fireman for the City of Chilliwack Fire Department which has been proudly serving our community since 1906. He is featured in the month of March. All proceeds of the calendar went to charity...and I think it was a fine purchase.

Those are the two calendars that I won't be writing on...I only write on 'free' calendars. Smile.

I hope you are on the right page by now...that would be January 2010. Have a great day!


  1. Phew! I thought you were going where I'd not seen this blog go before. Ha! That is a very tastefully done calendar. BTW, I love your new calendar and am amazed that there was a nice one left in the new year. I have had to settle for Civil War calendars and Horses in the Mist before. My calendar's artist is a Canadian gal...just thought I'd toss that in for good measure.

  2. Beautiful paintings by Duncan - I can see why you want his calendars.

  3. Don't you love the look of a fresh new calendar? I received two as gifts this year and am still pondering on which will go in the kitchen - that'll be the 'working' calendar!

  4. What a nice looking nephew! :0)
    Glad the calendar is ok to have out and about...
    I haven't gotten a large 2010 calendar yet but I do have one in my purse and it's on the right page...

  5. Judy . .I thought I was going to have to have a private word with you .. .I'm with Vee . .phew!
    Just the cutest post and I love the way you are so supportive of your family. .such an awesome example for sure.
    I use my gmail calendar now on the computer .. ever since last April and while it hasn't a nice picture. .my ever changing schedule never looks messy. .and I print it out now and then just to see it on my fridge. Oh how we keep changing.

  6. Thank goodness! Fireman with their clothes on! Happy days. I commend these fireman for their good taste and moral fiber. What a nice calendar you got. I really like that little thing you display it on. It makes a much nicer way to display beautiful monthly pictures.

  7. I was not familiar with Robert Duncan so I clicked on the link. Beautiful artwork and amazing talent. I can see that his subject matter fits perfectly with your lifestyle. I thought some of the farms with mountains in the background could have been yours.

    I would say the calendar you bought and the fireman calendar are good runner ups. How neat to have your nephew featured in the month of March.

  8. Oh, to my dear friend...when you told me you were racing to town to purchase this calendar...I thought too just like the rest that I would need to avoid down time with you...I'm glad that you have changed our image of our local firemen.
    I do recall seeing him at our local grocer...

  9. I have to say I'm partial to the Firefighters calendar this year! What a handsome nephew you have! heehee. He sure scrubs up nicely - I don't know if I have ever seen him in a real suit jacket (at least one that hadn't been altered with mustard stains for Halloween when he dressed up like his school principal). I'm so proud of my bro!

  10. Eric is a handsome young man! May God protect him always. My older brother was a NYC fireman for 38 years!

  11. Your nephew is "hawt" even while tastefully attired. How DO the fire guys always manage to be so handsome?

    The "Men on Fire" of Houston used to not only sell pretty steamy calendars, but also would appear in women's fashion shows, dresses quite nattily, in elegant suits and sport wear. The fashion shows were fund raisers, and I have to admit have cute guys well dressed on the catwalk smiling and winking was really fun!


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