Tuesday, December 21, 2010

pass the turkey please...

Our family turkey dinner came...and went...on Sunday.

Somehow we still manage to find enough tables and chairs to accommodate us all...

...there were 26 of us this time and a few who couldn't make it.

We weren't really expecting sunshine and balmy temperatures...and had to pull the blinds to keep the sunshine outside. 

Since Marge (my step-mom) is celebrating a very BIG birthday soon...we thought we should get the celebrations started and be the first to sing 'happy birthday to you'.

Our afternoon entertainment was a 'white elephant' gift exchange.  As you know...one persons junk can become another person's treasure.  Spencer opened a gift that included a long play record (she had no clue what that might be!) and a cassette. It seemed some were not that excited about their newly acquired treasures...and left them behind when they departed.  That's OK...we have another 'white elephant' gift exchange tonight!

Broni modeled her 'treasure'...it seems someone does not appreciate that we are in for a cold winter and decided to part with fur 'undergarments'.  We all had a good laugh!

Another Christmas tradition upheld...table games.

Emme is teaching Auntie Heidi the wonders of the new cashless Monopoly...Canadian edition.

The Blokus tournament was quite intense...though we never heard the final outcome.  Some of us just simply sat around the munchie table...and talked.  It was a good time together...with my sisters and their families.

As for the beverage of choice...you can find the recipe for Christmas punch over at MGCC today.


  1. You all have the best fun! Broni was a very good sport modeling the fur underwear. (I'm interested in this White Elephant concept. Last year, we put a limit on a gift and did a Chinese Auction. It didn't go over very well on a number of levels. Now that I think of it, I don't imagine anyone has enough humor to attempt a White Elephant. ;> )

    Love seeing everyone sitting around playing games. That's something I'd like to try again, too.

  2. What a wonderful family day. Looks about the size of ours. As the grandchildren are getting married our extended family is extending for sure. All Christmas blessings to you and yours.

  3. Long reigns the family...
    And everyone had a good time and now they talk about it all year waiting for next year again.
    There is no greater joy than to have your house full...but so little time to visit eh?

  4. I keep saying to myself 'we're all under one roof' - and that's what I thought as I read your blog. Perhaps not everyone made it, but there were enough that it must have felt like the whole family. What lovely memories!

  5. What fun to have such a big family to gather together!

  6. Now that's a good crowd. It's great to have a dining area that can spill into the living room! Love it. That Blokus game looks like something my kids would enjoy. Blessings!

  7. Looks wonderful! I noticed you serve everything is serving dishes rather than the buffet line-up.

  8. Family gatherings like this are wonderful. We're having ours on the 27th - in Chilliwack!

    Your family looks happy to be together - games, gifts, food - heartwarming.

  9. You have a lovely looking gang there...how much fun is all that =)

  10. What a wonderful get together! The most I've had in my little house for a special dinner was 30 relatives ... and I quickly I learned that I need a larger house :)

    Glad your extended family had a wonderful time!

  11. What a special gift you have been given. A family to eat with, laugh with, play games with and to love. What a blessing in today's world. You sure have a good looking group.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson