Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Diani Beach

With 25 kilometers of white sand beach...
we had an interesting place to walk every morning.
Did I mention early every morning?

With daytime temperatures averaging 32°C during our stay...
we did our walking while it was still cool.

Every day was different...depending if the tide was in or out.

And after the first morning...
we learned not to chat with the would-be vendors along the way!

We didn't really want their company on our walk.

For the most part...
the beaches were empty at that time of day.

A few early risers were out playing in the waves.

During the night...
the waves spewed up their trash onto the shores.

And every morning...
we met these two men in green digging holes
and burying the mess from the previous night.  

By the time they were done...
the beach was pristine for the day!

The locals were putting out their wares...
hoping to entice us into their shoppes.
And yes...
I came home with some of those colourful beach wraps!

Morning or evening...
and anytime in between...
these guys with their glass bottom boat
were on the lookout for tourists they might take for a ride.
The concept of riding their vessel out to sea was not all that appealing to us!

We checked out another glass bottom boat parked nearby...

...and couldn't find any glass in the bottom. 

We decided to keep our feet firmly planted on the shore!

We wondered if anyone frequented the businesses we passed by.

Someone was out bright and early repairing fishing nets.  

Every morning we walked the same beach...
and every day it was a new experience.

During the day...
we hung out at the pool overlooking the beach...
armed with a good book and plenty of sunscreen.
 The ocean breeze kept us comfortable despite what the thermometer might say.

I read three non-fiction books about the Masai that week...
and learned a lot about the country I was visiting...
and it's people.

We also met many interesting people...
mostly European tourists.
Most everyone spoke English.

I enjoyed my perch with a view...
as there was always something happening on the water.
It can be very entertaining to watch someone learn to windsurf!

Mango ice-cream called out to us most every afternoon...

...and I couldn't resist taking a picture of their signboard featuring "Mango Judy".

We  enjoyed our relaxing stay at Diani Beach...
in the company of good friends.

Our visit to Africa was coming to an end...

...and Diani Beach was a wonderful part of the trip.


  1. "Caution" seems to be the word when visiting such places, but oh how beautiful. I am a bit shocked that the mess on the beach was buried on the beach. That just seems wrong. I hope that the warmth you enjoyed on your trip still comes to you on these chilly spring days.

  2. Very beautiful shore line! I, too, am surprised that the garbage that comes ashore is not picked up and thrown away instead of being buried. Fantastic memories you've made there! What a blessing that you had such an awesome trip to Africa!

  3. Those footprints in the sand reminds me of the poem 'Footprints' - and the fact that wherever we are, whatever we're doing, God is beside us - ready to pick us up and carry us over the rough spots! Thanks for sharing this wonderful trip - I've enjoyed 'walking beside' you through it all.

  4. Good morning, Mango Judy! That was a very interesting walk - the shoppes and business were something! What a gorgeous beach, but sad to think that the only way to manage the detritus is to bury it.

  5. A beautiful place to wander..nothing like an early morning walk on the beach.
    Mango ice cream sounds wonderful.

  6. What an interesting place... yes... I think I would have declined a ride in the 'glass' bottom boats too .... but Mango Judy ?? couldn't resist that !!
    Beautiful photos !

  7. Oh Mango Judy. . .I would think there should be caution signs posted on your blog for envy possibilities. Soo beautiful. .I love those white sand beach and the early morning walks on beaches cleaned up daily for your enjoyment.

  8. I have so enjoyed reading of your visit and seeing all of the wonderful photos. This was a wonderful adventure and opportunity.

  9. Oh goodie a new nick name Mango Judy! Dear really loved early morning beach walks. The beach photos are so beautiful. Josh and Laura had so many interesting vendor encounters when they were in China...

  10. The water looked so clean in your photos! The surf must have been rough to bring in so much debris. I think Mango Judy is a good nickname :)

    This trip from Europe to Africa was such a wonderful look at the world today. As much as we may seem different we are very much the same, and made in His image.

  11. Your walks along the beach look like a very nice way to begin the day. It looks very pretty with a lot of interesting things to look at. I would have agreed with you on the glass bottomed boat ride, especially after taking a peek inside.
    I've thoroughly enjoyed your trip. Thanks for sharing it.

  12. LOL. The mango ice cream was literally calling out your name! Of course you have to have some when it says, "Judy"! I love the garbage diggers...what a fabulous can bury your garbage and think you are done with it, but the first storm that comes along will bring it all to the surface again. It's better to deal with the garbage in your life properly the first time around! Gorgeous ocean...sigh. We can learn so much from it!

  13. Mango Judy......sounds like it could be good! I loved the waves of colours the locals hung out for you to choose from....I could feel the sand between my toes too...and the early morning air. Beautiful ending.....


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson