Friday, March 11, 2011

when time stands still...

We like to keep things for a long time around here.  'Repair instead of replace'...that is usually our motto. There comes a time though when replacing makes more seems.

For our thirtieth anniversary...I gave hubby a new Wittnauer watch.  Wittnauer has a reputation of high-quality, accuracy and beauty (I took that from their website)It was a fine-looking timepiece...but we soon realized that the accuracy part was missing. It was always way behind time!  While still on warranty it spent more time at the Wittnauer repair center than it did on hubby's wrist.  They insisted that it kept perfect time!  Our jeweler wore it himself for several weeks and said it kept perfect time.  He decreed it was hubby's 'magnetic field' that threw the watch off. His suggestion was to leave it in the case (ha)...or put a leather shield on the back of the watch to provide a barrier.  Well, the leather shield actually did the trick for some time.  But recently the Wittnauer stopped short and a new battery was not the solution...and so we spent big bucks having the watch repaired.  After is a fine looking watch!

For two weeks it kept time...and now it has stopped short again.  When is it time to give up on the old?  The fortieth wedding anniversary is coming up....

Speaking of old...he is now wearing his very old Seiko...the one he has had for decades.  It still keeps perfect time...and has never needed leather barriers or any kind of repair, for that matter.  Maybe he'll just stick with the old!  And for's the tried and true Timex.

Speaking of time standing still...don't forget that it is actually moving ahead this weekend.  Remember to push your clock ahead on Saturday night.

Time, indeed, is a sacred gift,
and each day is a little life.
 ~Sir John Lubbock

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Great reminder Judy! That is so weird about that watch. My Seikos last for years.

  2. Oooh, thank you for reminding me to put the clocks forward, I would have totally missed that!

    I would also say it's time for a new watch. It's funny how some of the less expensive items outlive the supposed bigger/better items.

  3. Oh my goodness! If that W were my watch, I'd have pitched it in a fit long ago. You are placid people over there in BC. Ha! I have had a Seiko since college days and it still works. What doesn't work is the clasp so even it is in the box. I'm all for Timexes. If they go down, it's not such a big deal. Fortieth anniversary coming right up? Wonderful!

  4. Have a daughter who has the same issues with her 'magnetic field'. She doesn't wear watches. I guess nowadays fewer people are even wearing watches as they just click on their cell phones to get the right time. Hubby has always been a Seiko fan!! Interesting post and good conversation starter! Have a great week-end!

  5. I have watch issues, too. In fact, I gave up wearing one years ago.

    We are ready to change the clocks, but I must confess that I am not smiling about it. I don't prefer daily savings time - at all.

  6. This is the hard weekend, when we lose an hour - but I like to think of the longer days!

  7. I am curious. Did your husband ever have a near death experience? It has been documented in several books that people who "die" and are revived frequently have trouble getting watches to work. One time a woman was complaining to me that no watches would run for her. I asked if she had once died (feeling a bit odd for blurring that out) and it turned out that she actually had.
    Glad at least one watch works for him.

  8. I've heard of people too that have had magnetic field issues too. It seems like they have trouble wearing watches. I think his Seiko is a nice looking watch. I bet you will hear from this company. Maybe they will replace it for you.

  9. Time, indeed, is precious gift!

  10. Well it is a beautiful watch, but how aggravating! My husband gets compliments all the time about his watch. It was a $20 Coleman watch, (the people who make camping gear), and he's had it so long I'm not even sure how many years it's been.

  11. Just like your marriage proves, the tried and true is best! Not to say old!

  12. It seems that some types are just not meant to be friends. .as old Witt and your E seem to demonstrate. OH. . .I'd say go for the plunge and buy him a new antimagnetic watch with a built in barrier.. .How would they look at you if you enquired on those details?
    Time. ..thanks for the reminder.

  13. The good old keeps ticking:)

  14. I had a Timex with a second hand so I could count pulses when i worked as an RN. It never failed me :)

    My husband never wears a watch ..he has an uncanny ability to tell time without one, and is hardly ever wrong.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Judy!

  15. It's such a nice looking watch it would be a shame to let it sit in a drawer. My husband is a collector, he'd probably suggest that you send it to the manufacturer for a proper repair if possible.

  16. Hello Judy...

    Sometimes life is funny. I was searching the web for front porch design ideas and ended up on your blog site! I'm glad to see life has treated all of you well. I can't believe how big Spencer and Emmerson have grown. I hope all is well.

    Jennifer (Hancock)


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