Wednesday, March 16, 2011

spring tea...

It's spring break over here...and though it doesn't feel much like spring...we had us a wee 'spring tea' yesterday.  The grands next door were playing outside in the rain...and by late afternoon I thought they may want a 'spot of tea' to warm up a little.

Besides, I needed an excuse to brew some tea...since the supply I brought back from the tea plantation in Kenya was still unopened in it's package.

Oh...and I have some fun new tea party things.  When my sister was out last month, we went to one of my favorite little shops in town...and I spotted a little tea-for-one set.

It just so happened to be Cream Lace...the very same as my large tea pot and cream and sugar.  I reasoned that I needed it, since most often I have only one guest at the table who prefers tea...while the rest of us drink coffee.  And so I brought it home with me.

They also had the cutest miniature tea set in Cream Lace...but I couldn't really justify buying that.  It seems my sister thought I needed it ...and went back later to have it gift-wrapped for me.  And so it was time to have a spring tea party...just to check it all out.

The girls conceded they would try tea for the first time...with plenty of milk and those wee little cups. No thumbs up.  I'm thinking they'll be drinking coffee with me one day!

Ryder managed a few sips...and then moved on to juice and chocolate mint brownies. Outside the rain continued to fall.  Inside...we had spring tea!

As for the tea from Kenya...I quite enjoyed it.


  1. That looks like a good time.
    I had to smile at the image of your sister quietly buying the little tea set for you - what a sisterly thing to do.

  2. Now that's what I call a tea party. I enjoy tea but coffee is first on my list of beverages to enjoy:)
    Cream's as pretty as it sounds.

  3. Spring Tea and beautiful Cream Lace to enjoy!!!

    So very pretty.

    God bless and may you have a sweet day,
    d from homehaven nestled in the Kansas Flint Hills

  4. You are "grandma of the year". Think of all that you are teaching them through your care, attention to detail, and example. The tea set is beautiful!

  5. Awww pure the mini tea set.

    I've enjoyed more hot tea this winter than ever before. I too prefer coffee, but for some reason hot tea in the evening really tasted good!

    Have a great day Judy...

  6. Cream Lace is such a pretty name for tea things. Leave it to a sister to just know that you really did need the miniature set.
    Even if the kids didn't care for the tea, I have no doubt they will treasure the memory of this day for the rest of their lives.
    Now as for those brownies, I'm headed over for the recipe as chocolate mint is my favorite combo.

  7. What fun! Your new pieces are gorgeous. They are just the style I love.

    But, the most gorgeous of all is those sweet little faces.

  8. Oh what a fabulous tea with the grands. Fun. The Cream Lace pieces are very pretty.

  9. Nice! I love tea (and coffee) and your tea set looks very pretty. My daughter has the littel glass tea set that they used to use at my mothers house when they were little...memories are made at times like this!

  10. Your sister was so sweet to but that cute tea set for you! The big grand girls and boy may not care for tea but who knows if the younger ones will someday. My daughter loved to have tea with her dolls, and I saved her little tea set.

    Chocolate mint brownies sound so good! I;m off to MGCC for the recipe!

  11. Tea is my drink of choice, and I love drinking it from pretty cups. That Cream Lace is beautiful. And what fun to have a tea party with the grandchildren!

  12. Today Maggie repeated the whole way home from your house:

    "That was fun. I had fun at Grammy's. Grammy is fun. I had fun there."

    Man, they love you.

  13. Oh good times. very fun to have tea with the most agreeable guests of all. That tea set is just darling. I have a tea date planned myself. .and wait until you see my set.

  14. What a fun tea party -- and your tea set is really pretty -- I like that pattern! And tea from Kenya -- I'm impressed!

  15. I haven't seen the Cream Lace pattern before or I think I would be wanting to make room in my cupboard for a set as well!

    Your grands are so cute; Bernie always comments on their photos as being just beautiful children.

    I grew up playing "tea party" using my mother's own childhood's pink depression glass child sized tea set. My daughter played with the set regularly as well, crossing my fingers that one day a fourth generation will be asking if their little guests would like cream or lemon in their tea.

    (BTW: Sometimes it takes a few tries to find a tea type and brand that suits one's taste. Don't give up too soon!)


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson