Thursday, March 10, 2011

do you see what i see?

Do you see a very sick girl?

I didn't see her either.  
Though she came to spend the morning with Grammy because she was sick...
she was miraculously better once she arrived!

She wore the Holly Hobby bib that her mom used to wear...
and enjoyed her snack.

Then she looked longingly out the back window...
toward the barns...
and wondered where Papa was.

I finally relented and said we would go have a coffee break with Papa.

Now that brought cheers!

Cookies and coffee in the office were OK...

...but it seems the cows were calling!

And that was Maggie's sick day. 


  1. Awww, she just wanted to visit the cows! How cute she is and not such a little girl any more. Has the family settled on "Maggie"? I'll have to make a note so I don't slip back to "Maelyn."

  2. Hi Judy. Love me a farm girl for sure. Being with the gramps always is good medicine.

  3. Grandma's house is medicine enough, I guess. That little one looks right at home in the barn.

  4. very sweet. I remember my kids doing just that for a day off school with their grandma.... Fun though!

  5. What a cutie! I came across your blog today and where you live is so beautiful. I've always lived in the city, but my heart is in the country. I wish I could live on a farm with all those open spaces!

  6. I think Grammy and Pappa's home is the perfect remedy for any illness!

    Maggie is getting big!

  7. love is the best medicine...and she got it being with you!

  8. glad she is better!!!
    God bless,

  9. I am so glad she recovered at grammy's house. It is amazing what some fresh farm air can do for the good of a child. We always have coffee with grandpa too but he has to come to the house when he is called. I hope he doesnt get any ideas.

  10. A sweet day with Grandma would cure many ills. What a sweetheart. Love those curls.

  11. Oh sweet Maggie. She found the best remedy for her sickness for sure!

  12. Vee...Let's just say that most have settled on "Maggie"...though her mom still calls her Maelyn about 50/50. I'm trying to switch over...not easy. Her cousins call her Mae-Mae. She'll answer to anything!

  13. Of course being with you cured Miss Maggie. I bet it even made you feel good.

  14. It's clearly true...a visit with Grandpa and you is a sure cure for any ills. The picture of her in the barn is priceless!

  15. sweet sweet!! sick days at grandma's are the cure for all things!

  16. Papa and Grammy's was a good choice for the day. I'm glad she recovered so quickly.

  17. Little girls and their papa' warms my heart every time!

  18. Better snacking and begging for Grandpa than puking all over you :)

    (Thanks mom) Love the photos!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson