Tuesday, March 29, 2011

dressing for the occasion...

What to wear?  It's often the big question...and we don't always get it right.

Ryder earned his orange-stripe belt in karate over the weekend...all dressed in white.  Back on the farm...the white was quickly discarded in favour of grubbies.

He made the trek across the fields all on his own last week...and landed at my back porch.  He is riding his sisters' little ATV now...and finding all the mud puddles along the way.  Funny...I don't remember it ever being this dirty before!  Good thing the karate whites stayed indoors.

My dilemma these days is whether to pull out the spring clothes...or stay with the warm winter wardrobe.  I think I'll opt for something warm and cozy today...and maybe an umbrella!


  1. So far in New York this Spring we've have had mostly cold weather. Today it is only 32 degrees ..brrr. The weatherman keeps telling us that it won't warm up to be normal seasonal temperatures until April.

    So I am sitting here this morning wrapped in a heavy fleece and sipping hot coffee. It might as well still be winter! :)

  2. PS. Congratulations to Ryder on achieving his orange karate belt! Good job!

  3. You are so right....all over the country! Spring is being a bit contrary! It was 80+ degrees here a few days ago. Now we keep the fireplace going in the den to knock the chill off! Layers is the answer fro me! Jeans, shirt or sweater, over size shirt on top of that. However....I stay home so it's not hard and I don't have to look stylish!
    Congrats on Ryder's (Love that name!) acheiving his orange belt. My son did Tae Kwon Do form the time he was 4 years old to 17. Builds character and well as physical skills!

  4. I was having that same discussion with myself on Sunday and we decided that the winter clothes, with the addition of a spring-coloured scarf, would stay out for a while longer. It's just too cold and damp yet.
    Congratulations to Ryder!...well done!

  5. Ahh yes when will Spring warm up and stay warmer? Good thing Easter is late this year! Love that they can ride across a muddy field to grams house!

  6. How cute is Ryder in his white uniform. Well done young man! I can see the sisters keeping the ATV perfectly clean while boys will be boys and hit all the mud. It brought smiles to our faces.

    Sunday morning we woke up to snow. The roof tops and lawns were white. We knew it woundn't stick around long and took comfort in that.

    It seems like it has been a long winter. Spring will surely be here soon.
    Cheers, Martha

  7. The sun is shining at my house and it's almost time to walk...forget the umbrella.
    Have a wonderful day...Away with the winter stuff...out with the spring.
    I have a little white t-shirt at my house...from someone who wore it for a wiener roast...I prefer the dark shirts.

  8. Congratualtions to Ryder ... and I love the picture where he is riding the ATV! What's it for but to get it dirty.

  9. I moved my spring gear to the front closet this past week, but kept the winter things there as well. I alternate between the two - it's cold out there sometimes!

    Congrats to Ryder on his accomplishment!

  10. In Portland, the temperatures haven't been this consistently low since 1955. We haven't hit 60 degrees yet and that is a record since '55. Even the ducks are carrying umbrellas.

  11. Ryder is so cute! And dirty. :D

    Hasn't spring been capricious? I am concerned if even you are still experiencing the chill of it. That's at least another week of it. We're getting a two-day snowstorm at the end of this week. Ugh.

  12. Yes, this time of year is challenging when it comes to what to wear. Last week it was short sleeves and capris...this week. it is back to jeans and jackets!

  13. Super fun. There has been talk of such a contraption coming to our farm as well. What ever happens at your house eventually seems to happen here too.
    Congratulations to Ryder on his orange belt ..woo hoo!


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