Thursday, March 3, 2011

white on white...

While my blog has been featuring Africa for the past while...
the reality at home has been snow.

Now that is rather unusual over here in March!

My snow-white orchid is opening up indoors...
one bloom at a time.

I carried it outside for a photo op yesterday.

White on white...
I like it!

But I'm ready for a little green now.'s back to the Masai Mara.


  1. The picture of the geese at the top of your blog is just gorgeous!

  2. I love the white on white. I've always LOVED snow...but I am SO READY for Spring this sit on my front porch in the sun for a bit and finally feel warm. Have a grand day!

  3. Very artsy! I do see a little green in the orchids. Does that help?

  4. I love your header - it says 'spring is on the way'.
    Beautiful photos, but I'll bet you'll be happy to take it again when the background is green!

  5. Yes the white is pretty but green will be exciting to see....Pretty photo's

  6. White is beautiful, but like you, I'm ready for more green - along with pink, blue, and yellow! Bring on the flowers!

  7. That photo is stunning Judy! What a contrast from Africa...

  8. That is a photo worthy of a frame :-)


  9. Some of you are hinting that spring is around the corner?
    Great shot of geese and it looks like you've had fun playing with your new look.

  10. Your header photo is just fabulous. I like the combination of the white orchid and snow. You don't see that every day.
    I was sharing your Africa posts with my hubby at the breakfast table today. Keep em comin'. It beats the morning paper!!

  11. The exposure of the geese in your header picture is fab! So white and bright.

  12. I love your new header. Are those snow geese? It's nice you have something white growing inside the house! All of us are so tired of winter!

  13. I hope it has warmed up by now! Your new blog header and this "white on white" photo are lovely!


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson