Friday, July 15, 2011

a belated birthday bash....

And a wet that!  We canceled Sunday's planned birthday celebration...when Baby Lucy chose that day to arrive.  We rescheduled for Thursday...yesterday.  How nice that Baby Lucy could be at her Daddy's birthday party!

Not so nice that it rained on our wiener roast! The fire stayed in the pit...the rest of the party got moved to the garage.  A few diehards roasted the meat...the rest of us stayed dry indoors.

Maggie came with her puddle jumper...and was quite happy out in the rain.

We sang happy birthday to the two birthday boys...that would be the two holding the 'cake' and not singing!  (By the way...son #1 is still on crutches after all these months.  Some things can't be fixed overnight!)

As for the can find the recipe for Nanaimo Bar Ice-Cream Cake over at MGCC today.

No sooner were we done our 'indoor picnic', than the rain let up for a bit.  Soon there was a pile of jackets and boots on the lawn...and then a pile of kids rolling in the wet grass.  Spencer and Auntie Heidi raided the berry patch.  Heidi's were down the hatch in no time...Spencer used hers for decor.

Baby Lucy was cute as a button...and good as gold...and  had a chance to check out many a lap!  She really didn't care that our picnic was inside.

The neighbours always know when we have a family get-together.  One would think we have a very large family...what with all the vehicles on the yard!

Once again...the birthdays have been 'dually' celebrated!  It was a fun time...delayed...rained out...moved indoors and all.  And yes...we still think summer is just around the corner! 

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Such a classic Northwest gathering with the rain and all. We just have to go for it around here, don't we?
    Glad you were able to celebrate!
    We mucked about in the rain in downtown Seattle. Today is promising better weather for our trek to the Lavender Festival. Have a great weekend...

  2. That looks like a great day, with all the right ingredients including Fresh Baby - every family should have one to cuddle and gaze at!

  3. It looks like a typical BC wiener roast. We've done that many times. ..even when I was young. The good thing is that no matter what the weather. ..your family had a reason to be together to celebrate birthdays.
    Love the photos.

  4. It looks like luckily you have lots if room to accommodate everyone in your growing family, whether inside or out, Judy :) It's so nice baby Lucy was able to be join in for the first time!

  5. Had to zoom in on the kids table. So cute!

  6. I was going to say.. that dessert!!! I can hardly even look at the picture. It looks so delicious!

  7. Judy,
    First congrats on baby Lucy, love the name.
    Again your photos top notch...they always bring me in as though I were right there with you all!

    You are indeed blessed...

  8. Looks like the weather held for your day. I can,t way to see your new chocolate recipe.

  9. Great glad baby Lucy as able to join in the party.

  10. What a wonderful family gathering. Lucy's first and t'is well documented.

    Your driveway is wonderful! What is it made of?

  11. Family gatherings are so much fun, especially with a newborn. It is a joy to step into your family life for a few minutes each week. Thank you for sharing them and their activities with us.

  12. Sorry for all your rain and cool summer weather. Someone told me we had the coldest spring on record since they have been recording weather around here. For us it means temps in the 7o's and 80's for you it seems much cooler and wetter =( I love how your family makes it work no matter what. Never saw a puddle it =)

  13. A new baby girl...what a blessing! And mommy looks great. Pretty sure I didn't look that slim and trim a few days after any of my birthing experiences! :-)


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson