Wednesday, July 20, 2011

from the raspberry patch to the table...

The raspberry production is in it's peak...
in my wee patch, that is. 

I went out in the still of the morning to pick berries yesterday.  
It brought back memories of so long ago...
when I spent my summers in the berry patch.  
Now I was glad to know that when my 15-foot row was picked...
I could 'go home for the day'. 

I started with a little container and soon realized I had underestimated the crop to be harvested!  
Soon my large tub was full to overflowing.  

There's nothing better than starting off the day with a bowl of fresh peaches and raspberries...
coated with yogurt and topped with granola.  
That's our summer breakfast special.  
On a normal summer...
we would be enjoying that breakfast out on the patio. 
This year...
we have mostly stayed indoors.  
We are still waiting for the real summer weather to kick in!

The jam is in the jar...
the raspberry ripple pie in the freezer.  
And I even tried a copycat version of the lemon raspberry swirl loaf that I have seen in Starbuck's window.  
I used Lovella's lemon loaf and layered it with homemade raspberry jam...
and it was yummy.  
Yup...everything is coming up raspberries over here!

And at the end of the raspberry row...
something is coming up roses.  
Those are the first blooms on a climbing rose I planted.

Whether it feels like summer or not...
the fruits of the season are here to enjoy!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Oh my... you just made my mouth water!! What delicious looking pictures ! Now, pass the jam please :) My aunt and uncle that were just here had a strawberry business on their acreage outside of Kelowna for a number of years. They have sold the acreage in the past year and Aunt Kathy was just telling me that this is the first summer they have had where the strawberry patch wasn't involved in determining their summer schedule. U pick operations are a lot of hard work! Have a great day!!

  2. them! I took not of that lemon loaf, too. It sounded so good.

    Yes, I bet you are glad not to be living in the berry patch. I've not done any berrying because I think it's too hot. I'll just buy them at the farmstands, which I must be getting to soon.

    Hope summer arrives for you. I mean this is just getting ridiculous. It certainly has arrived here.

  3. I love fresh raspberries; and raspberry jam is my favorite. Your crop looks amazing -- so plump and red. Yummy! I'm salivating here.

  4. Even though our summer is kind of non-existent I'm happy not to be experiencing the heat of Texas or other parts of our country. Ouch!
    Your raspberries are beautiful and your creations from them quite mouth watering!!

  5. It's funny how different our seasons are. Our raspberries were over by the end of June and are safely tucked away in the freezer...or better still, were made into Summer puddings!

  6. My raspberries all died from the heat and lack of rain, so perhaps your cooler summer has some benefits? A lemon raspberry loaf sounds so delicous!
    I do hope it warms up there soon ..but no the 100 degree weather that a lot of the US has been having. We are going to hit the 100 mark this weekend and if it comes along with humidity I'll be!

  7. Okay...I'm now so hungry for that yogurt mixture!!!

    What a blessed life you have...I must repeated that again :-) of my "thousand gifts".... (today's blog :-) )


  8. Your berries look so large and delicious. I would think I was in heaven if I could step outside and pick raspberries in my own yard.
    Your breakfast looks like a wonderful way to start the day.
    The rose ... gorgeous!! I'm thinking you have some pretty fantastic soil.

  9. I just may come over and get more today. My raspberry dessery was a hit...though they only had bowls to serve it in so my ripple pie didn't "look" mgcc worthy, but it still tasted it.

  10. I just filled a fresh raspberry pie using your recipe in the book. Nothing like using the fresh local berries when they are here!

  11. Lovely raspberries and lovely jam! Wish we could share some summer with you...lots of very hot days here!

  12. Beautiful berries! You will certainly have full enjoyment of them with all your work today.

  13. Oh yum!!! I am planning on posting my fruit picking but sadly not from my garden. I love the jars you have in the USA....think we could do with those here in the UK, far more interest than the jars we have.

  14. It is getting close to my lunchtime and visiting your blog today has been presented a problem for me. I now long for smoked salmon(my favorite) and everything with raspberries, and I have neither in my home. Judy, you sure have a gift for taking the best food pictures! I am thinking that even people who do not care for either of these foods, would find themselves wanting to taste yours. I am sure your raspberry jam would taste amazingly good too. What a treat it is to visit your blog.


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