Monday, July 25, 2011

a sunny weekend...

With a few sunny days in a row...we had to make up for lost time.  We ate outdoors all weekend...back patio, front porch or someone else's patio.
And Saturday night seemed like the perfect evening for a hike...and so we headed up Mt. Thom.  It's nice and easy and nearby...and has a wonderful lookout (one that's only wonderful on a clear day).

The last time we did this trail on a grey, misty morning.  Dappled sunlight gave a whole new perspective!

From the summit we looked down on the valley below to the west...and saw the mighty Fraser River far in the distance.

Immediately below us, was the Vedder we normally see from the walking trail that runs along it's banks.

It looked like a quiet evening on Cultus Lake...from this perspective!  Is it ever quiet at the lake on a sunny, Saturday evening?  If you are looking for peace and solitude...the mountain trail is the place to be.  We never met another soul.

Yesterday we took our sunny-Sunday-go-to-meeting car to church...

...for the second time this year.  (There haven't been many sunny Sundays.)

And just to really pack everything into a one weekend...we also took in a ball game at Nat Bailey Stadium.  For more than three decades, someone in our family has always played softball...and so I have fond memories of warm summer evenings spent at the ball park.  There were some years when it seemed we were all playing...and often at different ball parks at the same time.  For many years, our farm sponsored a local men's team...which was always fun to watch.  And for the past few years, Jeremy organized a mixed team in a fun league.  If there was nothing else up...there was always a ball game to watch. This year there was no one playing ball.  And since the weather has not been that conducive to sitting in bleachers...I really hadn't been itching to go to the ball park.  But I really can't imagine an entire summer passing by without taking in at least one game.  

With the sun out over the seemed like a good time to head to Vancouver's Nat Bailey Stadium and have a 'ball park experience'! 

My dad usually watches the Toronto Blue Jays...and mostly from the comfort of his easy chair...but we took him along on our outing.  And we got there in plenty of time to enjoy 'ball food'!

We had the sun in our eyes...but we weren't complaining!  It's a wonderful little ball park in the city...and the Vancouver Canadians played a great game.  It was a good end to a sunny weekend on the west coast!

Have a great day...


  1. Glad you had some sun AND a great weekend! Minor league ballparks are great aren't they? Prices are cheap, all seats are good ones, and the crowd is smaller....and your team won!That is a fun day!

  2. Wasn't it a great weekend? The sun was so welcome! We didn't stray far from home - just enjoyed the sun by the pond.

  3. We are having a few sunny days in a row too - what a welcome change!!

    The mountain views are stunning - reminds me of the verse I posted today!

  4. I have said it before and I'm sure I'll say it many more times... you live in the most beautiful location! I absolutely love your photos. They're like a mini-vacation for me while sitting at my computer.

  5. So glad for all that the Northwest got some good sunshine while I'm in the sunshine capitol. You really did pack it in nicely!!

  6. It's been a wonderful weekend and it looks like the week is going to be sunny, too. I like the way you packed a lot into the weekend. Now you probably feel the need for a rest!

  7. What a great weekend! Yes.. when it's nice here.. it's really nice! Maybe summer has arrived... a month late like everything else? Have to checkout the mountain sometime. I'm itching to go hiking even though I know I'll almost die once I'm only partway up.

  8. nice pics........looks like a nice way to spend the day.

  9. You do know how to make up for lost time. All alone on the mountaintop? That sounds great! Obviously, the news of lousy weather has kept the tourists away. Perfect! (or nearly so)

    Great pic of the three of you enjoying ball park food. Looks delish!

  10. Big smiles here Judy. You listed all our summertime faves. Simple best pleasures of summertime that I hope we both will continue to enjoy for years and years, and maybe some year together.

  11. What a fantastic weekend Judy...and the photos are wonderful...of course with our sixth day of 100+ we're a bit tired of the sun and would love to have long cloudy rainy days to quench our drought!

  12. I'm glad summer finally arrived in your area, Judy! I loved the view from the mountain top. I always feel the same way when we go up into the Rockies when we visit loved ones in Colorado.

    A minor league baseball game is always fun!

  13. I am so thankful that God finally blessed you with some sun. Your family sure does know how to take best advantage of good weather. Once again, your scenery pictures were enjoyable to look at, but my favorite one is the one of the three of you at the game. Great picture!

  14. Oh I so jealous of the hike to Mt. Thom. I have wanted to do that one. You sure did take advantage of our first really wonderfully sunny weekend.

  15. We went on our first "seniors" tour last summer to Nat Bailey, for their 'picnic in the park' and loved every minute. It's a great way to spend a summers evening. So nice to share this with your baseball lovin' Dad.


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson