Wednesday, July 6, 2011

the candy shop...OPEN at long last!

We don't give up so easily!  After five trips to the candy store...we finally arrived on a day that they were open.  It all began in July two years ago when we had a family reunion in the little village of Clayburn...and discovered they had a fabulous general store and tea shop, with the best selection of candy in this part of the world.  We promised the grands a trip to the candy store before we left for home...only to discover the store was closed on Sunday.  Fair enough!

One month later, we returned...with all the grands and all the moms.  It happened to be on a Monday...and they were closed!

During the Olympics of 2010, we took Emme, Spencer and Ryder to watch the Japanese speed skating team practise in Abbotsford...and stopped by the Clayburn General Store for a treat on the way home.  It was a Saturday...and they were closed (for winter vacation, or whatever).

Last May we made one more attempt. Emme was convinced the store would be closed on our arrival...and I assured her that couldn't possibly happen again.  And it did!  This time they were closed for pre-summer vacation.

That was over a year ago...and the grands have never forgotten about the promised trip to the candy store.  Last they completed their school year and were promoted to the next grade...I suggested we make another trip to the candy store to celebrate.  Yesterday was the day...

...and there were no disappointments this time!  Do they look in a hurry to get inside? 

They just had the best time!

So many choices!  Emme and Spencer stocked up on candy for their summer business...the neighbourhood candy shoppe that they set up every summer.  

And once all the purchases were in the bag...

...we walked across the road to the park to enjoy a sweet treat, or two!  We never stayed long though...since the mosquitoes thought we were sweet treats to be enjoyed.

Before we left for home...we made a quick stop at the little soap shop in Clayburn.  I had a Groupon that needed to be redeemed.  The kids got candy...I got soap...and we all had a good time!

Clayburn  is a secluded little village at the foot of Sumas Mountain.  With it's brick buildings, neat gardens and picket fences it has that turn-of-the-century English feel about it. It was desgnated for conservation as a Heritage Site in 1996.  I think it's well worth a visit...or even five!  Oh...and I have three more grands that weren't along on the candy store expedition I'm sure we'll be visiting again.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Talk about hope deferred! My goodness. It's about time that place was open. Yay!

    I figure you'll only have to buy that candy about five times by my recollection. Candy shoppe business indeed... ☺☺☺

    One suggestion for the mosquitoes, which are indeed horrific this year: Bug Zapper. Have you seen them? There's a picture of my aunt after John with one in a mosaic done of our time after my mother's committal service. Anyway, we love ours and want more. They're purchased at the dollar store or Christmas Tree Shop or wherever things are sold cheap for a couple of dollars. They take double A batteries, which last a long time. One uses it like a tennis racket (sort of) to zap all those little pests. And it works! Like a charm.

  2. That's such a neat little store -and town - must make the trip again soon!

  3. And then there was the time during our summit that we stopped by and they were closed then too!! I'm so glad you finally had success!! It really is a great shop.

  4. Do you know if they had the good English Bon Bons there? A friend of mine once gave me some from a candy store in Chemainus (don't know if that is spelt right!!), on the Island and man are they ever good! xo
    Enjoy your soap!

  5. A very sweet post in more ways than one.
    In this case I would say your persistence definitely paid off. That store looks like every child's dream come true. Even the cash register looks fabulous.

  6. I've heard about Clayburn Village but have never visited. Might be time to remedy that.
    So glad that the candy expedition was at last successful.

  7. Wow, an amazing looking sweet glad you finally made it!

  8. 3 other grands...but nearly 4!!

  9. The pictures of the kids looking in the bins and choosing just the right candies is a perfect childhood reminiscence. Great photos and outing, glad you stuck with the plan. Did you get their phone number, for next time?

  10. That is like a dream come true for kids!! I'm so glad it was open for you!! Perseverance pays off!! If only I could apply that to dieting - I think a candy store visit is easier :)

  11. Do you remember it was closed when we (MGCC)stopped there? I'm afraid that is the kind of store I could run ... close it whenever something more important come us. It sure is sweet,though, once you do get in theose doors. I had lunch there once with my girls.

  12. took some time..but finally I see those happy faces.
    And soon but soon, the next little ones will want to come along.
    Better start planning now for the next generation to come.

  13. Seems like I remember a post from last year when y'all were disappointed because the shop was closed! Good for you! Keep trying and it DOES happen! Love this post!

  14. I can't help but think you have just given that candy shop the best type of advertisement possible. Your pictures make me want to visit it tomorrow. How thrilled your grandchildren must have been.

  15. What an amazing store - just look at the size of the baskets the grands had to fill! Well worth the trip, I'd say.

  16. YAY! I have been "with you" on so many disappointing trips to this candy shop that I am happy it was finally open! I would have had a good time shopping there, myself :)
    Your grands are getting so big!

    I like Groupns! I have had some good deals using them.

  17. At last!! I think we were all 'with' you in anticipation on this visit.
    I'm going to have to investigate Clayburn the next time I'm over.


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson