Friday, July 8, 2011

a wee stroll down razzberry lane...

The raspberries are ready for the picking...
and reminding me of all the years we grew raspberries commercially.  

Summer was a busy and stressful time.  
Would we have enough rain...but not too much?  
Would we find pickers? 

We found there were willing workers out there...
they just lived too far away...

...and needed a way to get to the farm. 

And so we bought a school bus...and provided the way.
They worked hard...and were reliable.

But somehow...
it was much simpler picking the berries by machine.  
That became our method of choice.

The B.C. Raspberry Grower's Association ordered in promotional T-shirts for growers and their families.
We had them in red...
and in white...
and in blue...
and in every size.

We never wore them out...
though eventually we parted ways with them!

Our first-born son...circa 1976...sporting a raspberry T.
Those were the days...
now a distant memory!

Today I'm quite happy with my wee stroll down my raspberry row.
If the sun doesn't shine...
or it shines too much...
it really doesn't matter to my few plants.

Yesterday was Heidi's due date.
There was nothing much happening...and she needed something to 'due'.
And so she came over with Maggie...
and we picked some some fresh berries and made raspberry ripple pies for the freezer.
They will come in handy over the summer months.
I'm sure a slice of ice-cream pie would even make a nice snack during that middle-of-the-night-feeding that will soon be happening over there!

Tomorrow is already a special day (times two) over here.
Our second son chose to arrive on July 9th thirty-six years ago...
just as hubby was supposed to be leaving with that school bus to pick up berry pickers.
We had to fit his birthday celebrations into the raspberry harvest schedule for many years.

Then our son-in-law joined the family...
and he too shared that birthdate.
Don't you think July 9th would be the perfect day for baby to arrive?

I'll keep you posted!

Meanwhile...we'll be enjoying the raspberries over here.


  1. Oh boy babies due and birthdays galore. Glad you can relax in between with that refreshing raspberry drink.

  2. We're cheering you on Judy...what a great retake on those early years of berry picking, only we did not have any machines...I just remember throwing berries at the straw boss and he'd chase me and my friend from one patch to the next...
    Oh, I'm glad I can enjoy them from my own patch now...and I don't need a straw-boss anymore.

  3. Oh, raspberries! Sounds like you have a lot of celebrating going on at your place.

    For a couple of summers in my early teens I came down to the Fraser Valley (we lived in Prince George) and picked berries. To this day, the smell of raspberries brings back those memories.

  4. Raspberry picking was not fun! Looking back it's hard to figure out what the problem was, but I guess standing in the sun looking for berries in those overgrown bushes, never knowing when you'd be hit by a berry etc. is not for the faint of heart.
    I like how they tie the bushes up like grapes now. Anyways... looks like we are all busy with pies and Birthdays... we have a few coming in this next week too.

  5. That seems so crazy that a huge machine could pick delicate berries.

  6. Great photos of the past. I love raspberries...probably my favourite fruit. How exciting waiting for a new baby. I will keep popping over ehre to see when he/she arrives

  7. Interesting story about your raspberry days! Hope the baby comes soon...I'm sure Mama is ready! :-)

  8. You must be waiting anxiously for the new arrival. Prayers for safe delivery.

  9. I will say a prayer for Heidi that her L&D goes well and that she will soon be holding her new bundle of joy! The last days of waiting are always a nervous time for me -- my daughter-in-law delivered 9 days late with both our grandchildren!

    Happy birthday to you son and son-in-law! It would be nice if the baby shared their day!

  10. Good memories! Raspberries are my favourite.

  11. That drink looks so refreshing! I was very intrigued by your raspberry history. Heidi must be more than ready to welcome the new baby. I'm just in awe of how many grands you're going to have to enjoy.

  12. Waiting to hear........and yes, I think July 9th would be a great day for an arrival!


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson