Wednesday, January 4, 2012

the blooms of winter...

The farmer's almanac...
and our trusty weathermen...
had us all fearful of this winter.
 It was to be one of the worst on record!

But each new sunrise...
seems to bring another balmy day.
We have yet to pull out the mitts and toques!

I don't have any winter roses...
but the pansies are putting on a nice show.

And the heather is also thinking it might be spring.
I know there is still plenty of time for winter to rear it's ugly head...
but for now...
we will enjoy the warm weather!

I will be away from My Front Porch tomorrow morning.
And for the record...I plan to do fewer posts in 2012.
After four years of blogging...
I have documented most of the places of interest in my community at least once.
Much as I love to blog...
some of the things I don't enjoy quite so much need to be looked after as well!
So if there is no new post on My Front Porch one morning...
don't send me an e-mail to see what happened.
(That has happened!)
I'll be back...
soon enough.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. What a warning! Gheesh. Don't you know that all my pretend peeps are required to post, post, post? Ha!

    Enjoy whatever it is that needs tending. Personally, I hope this means a Mediterranean Cruise.

    Winter has landed here so no pansies and no more fresh herbs from the pot on the doorstep. Sigh.

  2. Proving once again that the weatherman doesn't always know what he's talking about :). In this case that's a good thing. Your blooms are lovely. I was surprised to see my rosemary in full bloom yesterday.
    I will miss your daily posts, but glad to hear you aren't giving up blogging altogether.

  3. I too shall miss your posts Judy. Do the things you have to do but I look foward to hearing from you again soon. Your pictures are beautiful! Take care of yourself and blessings to you.

  4. I'd say don't trust the farmer's almanac or the weatherman:) So far we are enjoying mostly good weather too.
    The pansies add a nice touch of color.

  5. I'm beginning to wonder if it's safe to prune while many plants are confused...
    Thanks for the warning.

  6. I love pansies, but have never seen any in bloom during winter. Pretty sight! And, I always enjoy the photos of your farm fields with mountains in the background. That's always of interest to me so don't stop blogging them!

  7. I always enjoy your posts and I keep looking forward to your future blogs.
    Stay safe and happy!

  8. You know I will keep reading whenever you get a chance to blog, but I understand your dilema of the time it takes to do creative posts.
    May God give you joy in the things that need doing and just the right amount of time you need to enjoy some journaling time too.

  9. Judy, I commend you for being able to do a blog post as many times a week as you do for so many years, and that each and every one of them has been so enjoyable!

    I've found that three blog posts a week is a good pace for me. It is important to live life off the computer as much as possible.

    I do hope the "must do" errands in your life are not difficult ones and that they will soon be accomplished.

    I am in now planning my daughter's wedding shower and many last minute wedding details are of which is finding a dress for me! I am not looking forward to that as I hoped to be a "thinner me" by now and that didn't happen. As long as I am healthy nothing else matters.

  10. PS: We got our first "Winter Blast" in NYC yesterday with wind chills in the teens. Brrr. As long as we don't get a blizzard I'm OK with the cold weather!

  11. We left in October thinking we'd come home to what had been predicted....wrong. It's been an incredibly nice winter. Your pansies may only be a little tease....that bring sunshine in winter.
    I'm a fair weather blogger....never too sure what or when to blog and then at times it just spills out. I'll be watching your front porch.....and when something is on the door step I'll read it and enjoy as I always have:)

  12. No pressure Judy. Just drop by when you can.

  13. We are having a mild winter, too. The last two days have finally felt like Jan here. I don't care for bitter cold, but it was a bit disappointing to have to turn on the A/C on Christmas Day! :-)

  14. It's very mild and rainy here. The roses are confused and the bulbs are up. We could still get the threatened 'terrible winter' but I'm hoping that this rain and balmy stuff lasts!

  15. For those of us who have only recently discovered My Front Porch we will miss you indeed. I love all things farming and your photos and farms posts are so very different from our experience in southwest Virginia where we had snow and 13 degrees F. yesterday while we were out feeding beef cattle and sheep. I will enjoy any and all posts when you have the time. I am sure many subjects bear repeating! Thanks.

  16. Always good to leave your post here and keeps people wondering what you are up to...
    Enjoy your time away and blog whenever you feel. I enjoy coming to your post and but remember in blogging you can create your own rules.
    Have fun!

  17. I smile at the fewer posts in 2012. I think I'm going that direction as well. Once all my memories were documented and my area had been visited...I sort of sat and wondered what was left to talk about.
    I plan to post when there is something to post and otherwise not worry about it.
    OH...but yes..I am hoping you had a bit of sunshine today. It surely was a wet night away..

  18. I hope you are going to continue posting your recipes. I'm still enjoying "Judy's Salsa" It's a keeper. Angharad

  19. Tell me about the weather! We were a balmy 9C when we should be at a normal -1C . The weather is crazy, you're slowing down on's the end of the world isn't it?!!! LOL.

  20. The only thing that I have seen blooming in my part to the country, is my daughter's snow drops. Your pansies are so pretty!

    I totally understand the thinking you have on blogging, although I must tell you, I have NEVER seen a boring blog post on your blog. So, whether you post or not, is understandable, and I agree with you, but, when you do, rest assure it will be interesting to all of us. Thanks for adding so much fun to our days. I feel I have gained a vast amount of culture and refinement by all the places I got to visit, via your blog.


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