Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pasta Tuesday

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks.
I'm challenging that theory!

Two of my sis-in-laws decided to gift me with a noodle maker...
just like the one my mom-in-law used to have.

The gift was for my milestone birthday...
coming soon.
Very soon!

But I unwrapped it early...
and decided to see how it worked.

And for the record...
I have never made noodles before.

I mixed the dough...
wrapped it and put it in the fridge until hubby came home.
I thought two heads might be better than one at figuring out how the machine worked...
and I was right.

I dismissed him once I knew what I was doing...
but he was having so much fun...
he stayed till the last noodle was made!

My very big farmhouse table worked just fine as a drying rack...

...and a few hours later they were all good to go.

The fettuccine went into the pot of boiling water...
and we had the best noodles ever that night....
topped with a Skillet Steak Dinner .

The rest of the noodles are in the freezer...
awaiting chicken noodle soup one of these fine days.

Who could have known it was that easy to make noodles?

Thanks, Liz and Martha for a wonderful birthday gift!
It's Pasta Tuesday today.
Are you coming for dinner?


  1. Oh my! Wouldn't that be fun? I'd really love to, especially if there's any cake involved. You're making that 6-0 look some good now, Judy!

  2. Oh, how very exciting for you to be able to make your own noodles. I never did that but I sure do admire those who do. By the way, which day is your milestone birthday? My husband will be 60 years old on the 21st, and we are going to celebrate. I can't wait to wish you a "happy birthday"! I do agree with Vee in that sixty looks good on you!

  3. So many delightful posts to catch up on here! If you and your family eat a lot of pasta, that pasta machine looks fantastic! We have one at work that the Recreation Staff have used and our residents love that program!

    I so enjoyed your photos from your plane excursion! My sis and bro live in your neck of the woods and we've always enjoyed our visits!

    Have a great day and God bless!

  4. Those noodles are a work of art! The meal looks really good, too.
    See how much fun it is to turn 60!?

  5. Oh the things a gal your age will try- a flight in a small plane over your beautiful corner of the world and now making pasta from start to finish! It just shows you're not getting older but braver! i added my small plane experience after your wonderful adventure in your last post. i know just how you felt! Happy 60th Judy! The best is yet to come!

  6. OH how fun! I am super proud of you. Isn't it easy? Everyone is always amazed that I can do it with little ones around but you will be doing it with your strong boy across the field...mark my words. I can't wait until my grands can remember which way to turn the crank. The machine is not so fond of having noodles come backwards. :)

  7. I just learned how to make homemade pasta too! It is so easy I don't know why I always thought it was hard. Don't you love it!!!

    Happy Birthday and enjoy your new found "hobby".

    You can leave your pasta out to dry and then you don't need to freeze it.

    You can also make flavored pasta. It is very pretty and a great way to get some extra veggies in without even knowing it :)

  8. Judy, those noodles look great. Would love to come for
    dinner, but road conditions are too hazardous today.

  9. I have never used a pasta maker, but you do tempt me with those photos.
    Bonne anniversaire!

  10. You did well! I'd like to try that someday.

  11. I'll be right over, but eat slow because I have a long way to get there.

    I'll be having that very same birthday this summer.

    Happy Birthday to you!

  12. Looks like you did a great job. I printed the recipe...gotta try that one. I think the hubby would love it! And, yes, it was a holiday yesterday in the US...Martin Luther King Day. :-)

  13. Had home made pasta at Lovella's. Oh my, it was good!

  14. Wow, your noodles look great and it was fun to surprise you with the pasta maker.

    Am wondering what kind of Birthday surprise your hubby will have for you, after all 60 is a BIG one!! In the meantime enjoy being 59!!

    Sounds like you are having some harsh weather. Your -12 is colder than our -12. You are so damp.

    Be safe!!


  15. I make noodles like this too, Judy, with a machine, and I love the ease of it! I also use the flat sheets to make lasagna and ravioli. I actually bought a pasta drying rack recently as I saw on on sale and it helps.

    I am a year younger than you so I will look forward to seeing your celebration of 60!

  16. That is so neat! I have been wanting one since you told me you had been gifted one. Your pasta looks so good and so does your recipe today. You have the perfect raised counter for it too.....so do I come to think of it:)
    Sure....we will come for noodles any time:)

  17. This is my second attempt at leaving a comment - Just wondering if my kitchen aid attachment will do as good a job.

  18. I am on my way!!! (I WISH!!!)
    Those noodles look GREAT!!!

  19. I tried to make noodles once. They didn't turn out so well. I should try again i suppose! Happy Birthday! xo rachel


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