Tuesday, January 31, 2012

when we are old...

When we are old we shall wear purple...
or black...
or whatever catches our fancy.

And we shall throw ourselves a birthday party...
just because we can.

We shall set aside the date far in advance...
and then send out invitations...
lest they forget.

Then we shall go to Harrison Hotsprings Resort well before the appointed time...

...and have coffee with Margaret at Miss Margaret's.

And mostly...
we shall prepare for the guests we invited.
What fun!

And when we are all ready...
we shall walk by the lake...
because it is not raining (despite what the weatherman said).

Then we shall wait eagerly by the window...
to greet our friends as they arrive.

We shall sit near a window with a view...
eat fabulous foods...
and enjoy each other's company.

We shall unwrap wonderful gifts...
and one of us shall model a 'fascinator'.

And then we shall soak in the hot pools...
and chat the afternoon away.

But we shall not go home yet...

...as our own Miss Margaret has brought two birthday cakes extraordinaire!

We shall sit in the lounge...
and have some of each cake...
and maybe some more.
And when they have all gone home...
we shall say...
'that was so much fun'!

Thank-you MGCC friends...
for making this milestone most memorable!


  1. I had an inkling when Ellen said she was off to the north...

    Oh you girls do know how to celebrate and enjoy each other's company. Who's birthday is next?

    This being the last day of your birthday month, I hope that you have more planned. If not, let's officially call it a very special birthday season! Year?!

  2. I'd say that the birthday celebration was an unparalleled success! Cake, friends, a gorgeous location and then working that cake off in a hot pool (we all know that heat is every bit as good as vigorous exercise for melting pounds - my story and I'm sticking to it!)
    Your table favours are great....I'm enjoying mine!

  3. What a beautiful way to celebrate turning 60! It makes me smile. So do those little aprons on the bottles!

  4. OH it was so much fun! You girls sure do know how to throw a lovely party. It was a huge success.

  5. What a lovely party. Friends, good food, pretty cakes, swimming, and I'll bet there was a whole lot of laughter!

  6. Such a great party! Thanks for including me on your guest list! How fun that you two BD girls had a sleep over first..I can imagine the fun you had talking and laughing into the wee hours of the morning.

  7. What a great way for you girls to celebrate your special birthday! You have terrific friends. I can tell by the photos that you all had a fantastic day.

  8. A memorable milestone indeed!!! Love it all. Thanks for letting us all "virtually" celebrate with you. BTW I like your take on the "when we are old" poem and also that great sisters version worn as a cover-up.

  9. You (almost) make me eager to turn 60 :). What a great place to enjoy your birthday lunch with such special friends. Are those bottles wearing little aprons?
    The cakes look beautiful and delicious. So glad you shared this special day with us.

  10. What a fun time to do a fun party with so many wonderful friends new and old.
    I thought that pool photos were prohibited.
    What's this about Miss Margaret?
    The mystery remains to be unsolved.

  11. And thank YOU Judy and Marg for a wonderful day. We appreciate not only the Party invitation and detailed preparations but especially the warm friendship we share! On your own you are both loads of fun but together you are dynamite!

  12. Yay! You got to have your cake and eat it too!

  13. Judy .. love your 'take' on our special day !
    It was a perfect day and I thank you and Marg again for all the carefully planned 'love' details...

  14. Yes, we had a wonderful time. I haven't had that much fun in a long time! It was so good to celebrate with you and Marg and the other grills. Thank you for the fun party you planned and thank you that we could be a part of your special celebration. Here's to your 60th year!!

  15. What a wonderful celebration! I love the photo of you all steaming in the hot spring water. Miss Margaret did well with the cakes.
    Continue to enjoy your special birthday and best wishes for many more happy years of sharing friendships.

  16. A very enjoyable day it was indeed! Thank you for planning your BD party and inviting us!
    When did we think we got too old to do that?

  17. It looks like you had a wonderful day and heaps of fun! Dairymary

  18. I like that foto with you wearing the apron and "gumboots"! Can't really tell what kind of boots Marg is wearing but surely she has matching ones somewhere!

  19. What a creative, over-the-top, memorable, and fun birthday celebration you had! Really, it could be featured in one of my favorite magazines. I love how you tied in the aprons...so cute! The invitation was one of the most clever, and creative invites that I have ever seen.

    You all share such a special friendship, and I am so thankful you share it all with us, your blog friends. This party certainly will go down in the memory books. It almost makes me eager to reach my 60th...almost.

  20. Great photos, would so have loved to be there! Keep celebrating all year long!