Tuesday, January 24, 2012

a hop-along tour ~ Las Vegas

We'll be touring Vegas today...
and hopping off many times along the way.

This sign has been here since 1959...
not quite as old as the two posing beneath it! 
It was designed by Betty Willies and cost all of $4000 to build and install.  
Since everyone stopped along the way to take photos here...
the city recently created a wee spot for the tour buses and cars to make safe pit stop here. 
The Welcome to Las Vegas sign was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2009.

We rolled down The Strip...
past one opulent hotel after the next.

Every once in awhile...
we hopped off to explore.

What could possibly be inside the pyramid of the Luxor Hotel?

We checked it out!
There were some 35 check-in stations at reception.
They are prepared for the masses.

New York...
is in the same neighbourhood as Paris.
Only in Las Vegas!

We'll come back after dark...
and ride to the top of the Eiffel Tower for a better view.

The Bellagio...
where there is always a crowd gathered outside to watch the water show.

And inside...

...they are celebrating the Chinese New Year.

It's worth hopping off here...
just to stroll through the Mediterranean style botanical gardens.

And besides...
it's lunchtime.

We found a nice spot in the sunshine...
just across the street from the Bellagio...
with front row seats of the dancing waters.

Not far away...

...we toured the Wynn. 
This is one of the newest luxury hotels to hit The Strip.

They too were all decked out for the Chinese New Year with amazing floral displays.

Our next stop was not on the tour...
but provided great entertainment. 
We spent quite some time watching the window washers doing their thing...
some thirty and forty floors up.  

The Excalibur...

...the Leaning Towers of Vegas...

...and the world's most expensive billboard.  
Our tour guide told us the stories behind each building.  
The Harmon Tower (meant to be a boutique hotel) did not pass final inspection...
and has been sitting empty for the past few years.
While 'the powers that be' decide what to make of it...
it serves as a billboard.

The Venetian Hotel was one of my favorites...

It may be as close to Venice as I ever get...
so I quite enjoyed our stroll on polished marble floors beside the canals. 

And the majestic Caesar's Palace...

...home of the Coliseum that plays host to world class stars.
The likes of Celine Dion!

Enough of our hotel tour for today.
I'll take you to the hotel that wasn't really welcome in Vegas.
The one that belongs to 'the Donald'.



  1. Great tour. Would love to see the Chinese New Year garden. You sure hit Vegas at just the right time!

  2. Wow, we haven't been to Las Vegas since 1984. It sure has changed! We got married there on April 4, 1981 at Circus, Circus. I'm enjoying your tour. Your photos are fantastic.

  3. It all looks unbelievable..not real life at all!

  4. Cousins of mine were born and raised in Vegas and still live there in the next town. I haven't visited since 1986 and certainly would not recognize it these days!

  5. I've been to Vegas many many times but I have to say your photos made me want to go again! These have to be the best looking photos of Vegas I've ever seen. Great job!

  6. Wow Wow Wow!!!! Amazing pictures. You really must go to the real Venice someday though.
    Looking forward to more pics......

  7. I really am starting to get tempted...based on this post. This is the nicest parts of Vegas I have ever seen.
    1959...maybe I need my photo taken there?

  8. Since I like "the Donald" I'm simply aghast that any hotel of his wouldn't be welcome. ;>

    What gorgeous photos. I had no idea that Las Vegas was that beautiful. I just think of it as a rather sleazy, seedy place. Guess I may have to adjust my thinking.

    Those round flower balls in your mosaic are amazing.

  9. Great tour, Judy! So much to see. I'm really getting interested in going there. Do you get a cut from a travel agent?

  10. That New Year garden was great. I love the hop along tours. I think I'll do one in San Diego. Beautiful photos Judy!

  11. What a fabulous time to go with the Chinese New Year! The decorations are just amazing!

  12. You gave away the best secrets. If anyonw did not want to go to Vegas before, they will now!

  13. Thanks for the tour. Don't think I'm ever going to get there but it does look very interesting... and almost decadent!
    Glad you had a nice time celebrating your 60th.

  14. That was fun - I've always wanted to try that tour!

  15. Fabulous photos Judy! You really captured the fairytale allure of Las Vegas. We've stayed in the pyramid shaped Luxor Hotel --the elevators actually move sideways. I've also stayed at the Wynn, where the restaurants were fantastic! Looking forward to seeing more....

  16. It looks like all you had a great and awesome time at Vegas! It's pretty festive there with all those fancy red charms in celebration of the Chinese New Year.

  17. Just looking at your photos makes me smile...I keep pinching myself that we were really at Vegas...and somehow now that we're home...I can't see you for breakfast and eat my cinnamon bagels.
    Drop in for some bagels soon.


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