Wednesday, January 25, 2012

the trump, the circus and the eiffel tower of vegas...

Our tour guide had little to say about the Trump Hotel...
other than the top two players along The Strip were not too welcoming of the newcomer.
We decided to check it out on our own.

Set back a little from all the other hotels...
the Trump non-gaming hotel towers above the rest.

We even rode the elevator to the pool deck.

Does that not look like a nice spot to spend some time...
in January?

There was not a soul in sight!

Of all the hotels we toured...
this was the quietest.
But most special!

We really thought we should have a coffee at the Trump Hotel coffee bar...
just to say we did.

We somehow thought it would come in lovely gold-gilded mugs.

That was not the case.
We sipped our Starbucks coffee from a disposable cup...
with the Trump sleeve.
Oh...and it was only half the price of the coffee we had at the Eiffel Tower!

I just had to post this picture of the old Circus, Circus Hotel...
which opened in 1968...
and features the largest permanent big top tent in the world.
Vicki left me a comment yesterday...
to say that she was married at Circus, Circus on April 4, 1981.

So this one is for you, Vicki!
We actually watched a short performance by an acrobatic troupe from Kenya at this venue.

And in the evening...
we rode the Eiffel Tower to the top.

It is an exact replica of the original in Paris...
built on half scale.
As for the line-ups to ride up...
there were none!

From the top...
we had an excellent view of the city in all directions...
and front row seats to the water works at the Bellagio!

The Paris Hotel...
all part of the same complex...
looked quite impressive from up there.

The Eiffel Tower restroom facilities should definitely be called 'comfort stations'...

...something Marg can attest to.

Also on the property of  the Paris Hotel... the Arc de Triomphe.
It is two-thirds the size of it's counterpart in Paris.
And from on high...
I spotted our hotel...
set back a bit from the strip.

It was a fine place...
though we never spent much time there!

Since the guys planned the getaway...
it had to have something to do with farming...
don't you think?

We saw a chicken...

...and a cow.

Does that make it a business trip?

Next stop...
some fresh air at Red Rock Canyon!


  1. Oh what fun for Vicki to see your photos! I quite enjoyed the tour of the Trump place. I do think the coffee serving needs to crank up a few notches. Don't know how it's going to last being that quiet...

  2. Showing the quiet interior of the Trump might do wonders for the bookings - quiet is a rare commodity in Las Vegas!
    I'm pretty sure that this must count as a business trip with all those animals!

  3. Does that make it a business trip? Love the chicken and holstein! A quiet hotel...that sounds nice. Beautiful photos Judy. Love the night shots!

  4. Your photos and descriptions make me want to go to Vegas. We've always avoided it in the past.

  5. I agree with Cheryl - Vegas might have to be a place to visit sometime - your pictures and descriptions are terrific!

  6. I'm chuckling at the 'farm' animals wandering around Vegas.. or should I say one , at least, standing still!
    This is probably the closest I will ever get to Vegas thankful for the glimpse. The Trump hotel does look spectacular -- I too would have found the disposable cups a little 'disappointing' !

  7. loving your pictures. we've been to Vegas twice; 10yrs ago for a wedding and last February I surprised my husband with a trip there for his 40th. so many people think it's only for gambling but there are so many other things to do!

  8. Looks like they heard the country girls were coming to the those props!
    Lights....everywhere! You caught the best of Vegas! Love the photo of Marg....laughing here as I can imagine the fun you had.

  9. Another one of your trips that I get to share in, and I am thrilled. What a city! What a view of the city! The lights are amazing! Every picture is beautiful, especially the lights. I do feel that the pink and white Holstein definitely make it a business trip:) I am thankful I stopped by today.

  10. We stayed at Circus Circus when our office went to LV. The fountains at the Belagio were lovely and it was amazing to watch them dance. Uh, I think that is Big Bird...he's not a chicken, is he? ha! ha!

  11. Big Bird & a pink holstein...yup, now you can write off the trip! LOL.

  12. The Trump Hotel looked very elegant! I didn't know it was a non-gambling hotel. It has the most beautiful comfort station I've seen in a long time.

    The view from the Eiffel Tower was wonderful!


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