Monday, January 30, 2012

the slippery slope....

Though we are surrounded by mountains...
and live just over a mile from the base of the closest one...
we can't always find a slippery slope when we want one!
When the snows first arrived...
before the big blizzard...
we had a lovely Sunday afternoon to play in the snow.

The three grands pulled their sled across the fields...
and came over to see if we had enough of an incline for a little sledding.

Even with a bit of a push from above...

...the ride wasn't much of a thrill! 

It wasn't long before we all piled into the truck...
and went in search of a slippery slope!

Two miles east...
and on up the hill...
and we all had fun!

The snow had all but disappeared...
other than the drifts around the house...
when it started again on Saturday.

It was just enough to make the roads slick ...
though not everyone seemed to notice.

This young driver found a route onto the middle of our front lawn...
between the hydro pole and the willow tree.
He found it plenty slippery without a slope!
Getting there was easier than getting out of there...
since we didn't really want spinning tires leaving big ruts.

Farm 'tow truck' to the rescue!
The lawn will be fine.
The truck took a bit of a beating along one side.
Expensive lesson.
Next time it snows...
he'll be driving really slow!

If he wished to keep his 'slipping and sliding' incident quiet...
he picked the wrong lawn to slide onto.

Life as it happens...
coming to you from 'my front porch'.


  1. Everything is blog fodder! Glad that you helped the driver move on down the road without any damage to your lawn.

    It's terribly difficult to find a worthy hill these days. Most folks don't allow people to slide on their hills anymore for insurance purposes.

  2. The new photo in your header is gorgeous...

  3. Great post having so much fun. Good thing the tractor was handy for that young man!

  4. I thought you were referring to skiing...I could help you find another slope. Those ruts would make me choked, but the bid JD always know how to do his job!!!

  5. I'm laughing out loud at the thought of that poor young man wanting to keep quiet about his slip and slide. Aren't we always looking out for blog material?

  6. That young man will think twice about speeding past your front porch in the future! Fun post!

  7. Glad that driver wasn't hurt, and like you said maybe he will slow down next time to keep himself, and others, safe!

    My area is also pretty flat. When my children were little we had to drive to Prospect Park to find a hill for them to sled down. Sometimes they'd to do a lot of work make their own hill out of snow! :)

  8. You are getting all of the snow that we had last winter, and we are having 60 degree days with sun. I am a bit jealous. Your pictures make me miss it more than I thought I would.

    By the way, on Saturday night we were served a delicious dinner at my aunt and uncle's home. The scalloped potatoes were amazing and were right out of her MGCC recipe book. Thought you might want to know.

  9. OH this made us smile....yes...if it happens on our front porch or back porch or anything within view of is blog material.

  10. One day it's a plane and another day a truck ... you never know what will end upon your lawn!

  11. All's fair (and inspiration!) in the blog world!

  12. Glad no one was hurt in the truck incident. I'm sure he is delighted at being featured! Youtube next?

  13. My parents live on the next road just east of you and twice they've had kids lose control and drive into their yard taking out shrubbery. Both times we blogged it lol.


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