Friday, January 27, 2012

the week that sailed by....

Where do the days go?  They seemed to disappear like the snow this past week.   The week was filled with many good things...and never a dull moment.  As for the snow...

...the fields are looking mighty green...and the big drifts are shrinking fast!

For the second time in as many weeks...we had the opportunity (or obligation) to put on our fancier duds.  We joined some of our agricultural friends (translated 'farmers') at an Ag Gala in the valley.  We had never been before...but heard it was a fabulous we decided to check it out.

 We found some other farmer friends we knew and joined them at their table!

The keynote speaker who was to be flown in from 'who knows where' had an accident the preceding day...and so they scrambled to find someone to fill his spot.  I have no idea who was scheduled to speak...but I sure enjoyed the 'fill-in'!  I have heard Colin Angus interviewed in the media before...and read his book called 'Lost in Mongolia'...but here he was in real life.  He has been named National Geographic 'Adventurer of the Year'....and has authored five books and produced several documentaries.  He shared snippets of his journey around the world by human power...walking, biking, and rowing across the Atlantic Ocean.  Just incredible!  He's a Canadian...from British Columbia...and his message was to follow your step at a time. I think we could relate that to agriculture as well.

One night we were together at an Ag Gala...and the next evening Lovella and I were together Lepp Farm Market.  

 Judy, Lovella, Kathy, Anneliese and Bev

This time we were preparing comfort foods for those who signed up for the January MGCC cooking class. Cabbage rolls, garlic mashed potatoes, green salad, french bread and bodentorte...does that not sound like a perfect winter feast? We had a fun time!  Oh...and if you are interested in signing up for the next looks like we may be doing another one on March 22.  You can learn to bake paska just in time for Easter!

And now the weekend is upon us.  I'm not sure where Lovella is heading for supper tonight...but I know I'll be home.  The grands are coming to visit.

Have a great weekend!


  1. You and Lovella were practically joined at the hip. I'm sure that you'll miss each other tonight!

    How fascinating that they were able to have a quality speaker like that just waiting in the wings.

    And I always wish that I could zap over there for a cooking show, especially for Paska. I have promised Paska to a dear friend sooner than Easter. I hope that that is allowed, but she loves it so and asks all the time what's the big deal with Easter? Ha! Yes, she is a believer, but she has no lifelong history with Paska.

  2. Those are some great looking farmers! You gals are all so busy and accomplish SO much. I am always amazed at the energy I feel when reading your posts. Have a wonderful weekend with your grands!

  3. Wow that was a week! Your dress-up clothes and your apron got a good work-out!

  4. Wow! you have had a busy week! Supper at home with the grands sounds good to me!

  5. Look at you and Lovella all dolled up! Love it. Glad you enjoyed the fill in speaker at the Gala!

  6. Sometimes I wonder too, where does the time go? It slips away faster than ever....Somewhere through that collage of people I thought I spotted you two. Great food and the topic 'Manure' still stands out in my mind.
    I can tell that you've dug yourself out and life continues.

  7. Where are we eating tonight? Ha ha! What a fun couple of days we had. I loved sharing two difference experiences with you.

  8. It was fun being in the kitchen with you last night.
    Looks like you've sailed back to your front porch to rest up for another fun week ahead:)

  9. Wow - the farmers in the Fraser Valley sure dress up! The gatherings are much more casual here. I was amazed when we first started going to the Ag Society Christmas parties here. They held them in late January and the food was fabulous of course but it was strange to see no links to Christmas. We only went for a few years. Glad you had such a nice time together.

  10. I just finished reading about the Ag Gala at Lovella's blog and enjoyed reading your perspective on it. The speaker sounds like a very interesting guy.
    The cooking class looks like fun. If you ever decide to do one in NC, I'll be there. (hint hint :). The menu sounds so good. I have made the cabbage rolls, now I need to get out my cookbook and try the others.
    Enjoy your dinner with the grands.

  11. So good to see you all having a good time with friends, Judy, both at the gala and doing the cooking class! I know I enjoy the MGCC stuffed cabbage recipe and have made it often.

    Have a fun weekend with the grands!

  12. Seems that you are having a fairly mild winter too?
    Glad you enjoyed your glam night out.

  13. You all look great all dressed up!
    Enjoy pizza or whatever it is you have with the grands tonite.

  14. Your evenings activities look like fun, its nice to dress up and eat out isn't it? Snow is supposed to be arriving across the UK but I hope it doesn't come. I don't mind snow before Christmas but I really don't like it is the time to look forward to Spring :)

  15. What fun I am thinking it would be to live close by to you all. Seems like you have many interesting and out of the ordinary events to participate in. Another one of your cooking shows,and another opportunity to share your amazing skills with others.

    The picture of the four of you at the Ag dinner, is quite a good looking picture!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson