Wednesday, May 8, 2013

down the garden path...

Lilac and green...
seem to be the colours of choice this week.

That is definitely the case in my garden.

The wisteria is in its glory!


My sister's white bleeding hearts are still growing strong.
She gave me a plant from her garden in 1996.
I transplanted it here in 2003.
It is still called Kathy's bleeding heart.


 Lucy's lilac bush is blooming abundantly this year.

Garden tip...put bright tape on the black clipper handles so they don't go missing quite so easily.

 And the irises that originated in my mother's garden...
are once again blooming for Mother's Day.

In search of my mother's garden, I found my own.
Alice Walker

Never mind kitchen gadgets.
I have a new favorite garden gadget!
An electric hedge trimmer.
How have I managed to prune the shrubs all these years without one?
I quite enjoyed giving the boxwoods a haircut yesterday! 

The long row of white heathers are next on the agenda.
They are to be pruned right after blooming...
and it doesn't look like they are quite done just yet.

Gardens are not made by singing "Oh how beautiful,' and sitting in the shade.
Rudyard Kipling
 And from the kitchen window...
I see that my mom-in-law's Nelly Moser clematis is blooming for Mother's Day as well.

"Kiss of the sun for pardon. 
Song of the birds for mirth. 
You're closer to God's heart in a garden than any place else on earth." 
-- Dorothy Frances Gurney  

The sun is shining.
The birds are singing.
The garden is calling.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. I enjoyed strolling through your garden this morning, Judy. There is so much beauty to be found there and how special to be reminded of your family members as you enjoy the beauty of the flowers.
    Thanks for the tip. I am constantly setting down my tools in the garden and forgetting where I set them.

  2. Such a gorgeous frame for the view with the wisteria over that arch (???)! I need one of those electric clippers. My hands have been in mighty rough shape these past few weeks from getting the forsythia under control. And I can see that the azalea is going to need some help after it has finished blooming, too.

    Your garden is simply marvelous. I'd be jealous if I had enough energy. ☺

  3. GORGEOUS....just gorgeous. Glad you shared this! Enjoy your day...

  4. Spring has definitely sprung! Beautiful. Love that quote...

  5. There is no other beauty that makes me happy like my garden. I love the historical account of your 'Mother's Garden' Each plant has a special memory to you. I have a plaque in my garden with that last quote on it and I sent it to my brother Lorne, last year during his he loved gardening also.
    Beautiful purple colors.
    Oh don't forget to bring your tools in at night time.

  6. Judy, Your garden is so very gorgeous. Wisteria Lane in all it's glory. You should have a bride come through that arch...or a pack of grands.
    Your Mother's Day garden is beautiful like you are in every way!

  7. That was a beautiful walk down the garden path!Love the arch with the wisteria framing that breathtaking view!

  8. I love is so pretty and delicate! Everything looks lovely...and what a beautiful day to be trimming!!

  9. Judy,
    I love your colors! The flowers, your table, your china and the cover of your new Cook Book! I haven't gotten your new book yet but I will. I love your blog and View it nearly every day. I miss your new cover as the top of your blog. I thought it was so beautiful!
    Keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks for your words of encouragement, Gail!

  10. Wow Judy - everything looks so beautiful and it's obvious that you haven't just been admiring your garden while sitting in the shade! Have a glorious weekend and a most wonderful Mother's Day.

  11. Everything is gorgeous and blooming so early there. I love all the purple and white plants. It's also nice that many of them were given to you by people you love. That makes them so special. Also the views of the green fields and mountains in the distance are wonderful. Enjoy! Pam

  12. Now, that's a Heritage Garden. Have you sent bits of plants on to your daughter for her garden?
    The arch with the wisteria is as beautiful as the view it frames.

  13. Do you have a room for rent??? Ugggh....I find such peace looking at your beautiful! Always glad to stop by my dream location!


  14. Judy, I cannot believe that fact that on top of all your other talents, you are a master gardener too. The purple and white color theme is beautiful! I smiled when I read the comment about your delight with the hedge trimmers. It is one of my husband's favorite tools. Thanks for sharing it all with us.

  15. How beautiful your sprig garden is, Judy! I love your wisteria and the irises! We have not planted any flowers as yet as we were waiting for Mother's Day to pass, as that is the date given here that the frost danger should be
    over, although I've read it has snowed here as late as June 12! Living at 6,000 feet altitude we have cooler temperatures. I also have to find deer and rabbit resistant flowers -- I found a good web site about that last night. So my garden will be very "high desert" in style but hopefully by June will be in bloom!

    Have a very happy Mother's Day weekend!

  16. Your yard is a garden of memories. So beautiful. Those hedge trimmers are wonderful!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson