Friday, May 31, 2013

our spring reality...

Was it earlier this month that we had summer?
Those memories have all but washed away!
We've had nothing but showers all week.

Apparently those doves sitting out on the rail fence are called rain doves...
though hubby tells me they are mourning doves.

Either way...
they are appropriately named for the weather we've been having.

The three grands from next door were staying with us this week.
We had lots of plans.
Most of them involved being outdoors.

 Instead we played Monopoly most every evening.
They are getting to be pretty shrewd when it comes to real estate...
and banking...
and handling credit cards.
(Did you know that the new Canada Monopoly game has no cash?)

And we played ping pong...
and Uno Attack.

And we made noodles...
and cinnamon twists...
and baked bread.

Our BBQ'd meals were eaten indoors.

We figured out that smores can be made in the microwave...
instead of over a campfire.

Lay two Celebration (love the name) cookies on a plate.
Place a marshmallow on top of one.
Microwave on high for 12 seconds (in my oven).
Form a sandwich with the two cookies...
and enjoy!
The girls advised me to be careful...
marshmallows explode if cooked too long in the microwave.
We stopped short of that.

We had a good time despite the rain!
The grands have now gone home.

We are hoping for sunshine this weekend.
We are celebrating my nephew's wedding on Saturday...
and have all kinds of family things planned over the next few days.
 And I hear there is grass to be harvested on the farm.
Sunshine would be very nice!
Have a wonderful weekend...


  1. Perhaps the doves are mourning because of all the rain??
    It seems you made the best of it with the grands.
    Monopoly without cash?? News to me.
    S'Mores in the microwave? Great idea. So glad you avoided the exploding marshmallow scenario.
    Hope the sun shines on your weekend.

  2. You always make the best of a soggy situation. I am praying that the weather clears so the wedding plans will go off without a hitch. Really? No cash? Lots of us use cash only these days.

    1. My the spammers are getting tricky, aren't they?!

  3. I'm hoping for sunshine for you and me/us both. What a dreary morning here but wait....i think I see a glimmer of brightness from the sun.... yes! Have lots of fun. I hope you don't take this the wrong way but...I wish you had been my Grandma. I would have picked you.

  4. I loved watching your games night...I dreamt of your girls...and I heard Elmer's tractor all night. They came to visit on your tractor and we planned school projects, like gardening.
    Your weather and ours were similar. We did have a few breaks of sun to enlighten our days.

  5. Remember that summer week we had back in early May? It seems ages ago! It will return, I'm sure, but for now we're all feeling a little soggy.
    Those S'mores sound like a very good idea in the absence of a campfire. Something else to add to the list of fun things to do with the boys at the end of June.

  6. Our weather hasn't Ben too great here in the UK either but on my trip to the grandchildren this week the sun managed to shine :)

  7. Looks like you really made the most of it for sure. What no pink, blue, white, brown, green, gold cold hard cash!!?? Oye. As far as the weekend goes.. they keep promising that sunshine. I do hope it comes true...

  8. Oh...I love when a 'negative' is turned into a 'positive' -- bet those kids will never remember that their stay at your house was compromised because of rain! but... Monopoly without cash?? how can that be?? :-(

    I hope the week-end weather for your wedding is perfect ! but more important than the weather - may the marriage be blessed !

  9. You must have sent summer our way - we sure are having it these last few days! Looks like you made the best of your weather with your sweet grands! I did not know that Monopoly can be played without cash - hmmmm. Looks like the "indoors smores" were a hit. Hope the sun shines in time for the wedding!!

  10. Ah, those celebration s'mores look good! I'll have to pick up a box of those cookies. Looks like good memories were made inspite of the rain.Here's hoping for sunshine soon!

  11. You know how to make the most of any weather. Oh...thanks for reminding me of those yummy Celebration cookies.

  12. I guess the rain and cold we had for 3 weeks after our brief summer in April /early May has made it's way back across the continent. :( Sorry. I know how you feel. This weekend is a triple "H" - Hot Hazy and Humid. Summer again!! We love those Celebration cookies and I like the idea of the s'mores in the microwave. I wonder if the girls learned from experience not to over heat them. The doves are called Mourning Doves here and down in Kentucky our friends call them 'Rain Crows'. Hmmm. Interesting eh? Either way I love their cooing and think they are very beautiful. I hope you get sunshine this week for grass cutting. Blessings, Pam

  13. The second grade students I have been assessing are for the most part clueless about cash. One question is: I have four coins worth 17 cents; what are the coins. Another asks about how much change on would get back if one paid for a piece of candy with a one dollar bill. Although one child was quick to ask if there was tax on the candy, most kids were unable to figure out the answers and more than a few reported their mom only used credit cards!

    I think all the rain made for a very cozy memory making bonding time weekend!

  14. Glad you had fun regardless of the rain. The smores look delish and I love the picture on the wall of you, hubby and the grands!

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  16. It sounds as if your week was lovely despite all the rain, Judy! I'm sure your grands enjoyed the extra love and attention you and your husband gave them!

  17. What a great idea, to use the Celebration cookies to make s'mores. Thanks for sharing that and the "how to" involved. I had to smile when I read that your grands are acquiring financial skills, via Monopoly. Good for them!

    I do wish you some sunny days in the near future.

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