Wednesday, May 15, 2013

just visiting...

 We get visitors over here on occasion.
Some are invited.
Some just show up.

This one came by at breakfast time the other morning.
I watched him from my kitchen window.
When he confirmed that we had not left him any scraps...
he carried on across the fields.
Though there are lots of coyotes around here...
they are quite spooky and don't usually venture close to our yard.

We had summer weather for two weeks.
It's gone now...
but I have photos from a few days ago to remind me!

Maggie and Lucy came to visit.
They love filling up the bird feeder.
Grammy is sometimes negligent in keeping it topped up.
They always check!

We pulled out the hoses...
and set up the sprinkler...
 and they had fun!

Cheap entertainment!
Grandpa wonders why we go through so many sprinklers.
It could be because they don't always quite make 'the jump'. :)

I suggested we bake cookies...
with smarties.

Not little ones...
a big pizza cookie-cake like we had for Ranen's birthday
...was Maggie's request.

What fun!
there were even Smarties left to decorate the pizza.

Smartie pizza on a beach towel in the summer sun hit the spot.
(Click link for recipe.)
And the rest of the pizza went home...
to share with mommy and daddy.

I had another visitor this week.

Pondside was in the area on business...
...and we had such fun catching up.
We always do.

She wasn't driving her little red car.
She won't be anymore.

Today I plan to be the visitor.
I'm off to visit my granddaughter's brand new school.
They moved into their new facilities last month...
and I'm going for a tour today.
Have a wonderful Wednesday...
whatever it may hold for you!


  1. We have lots of coyotes here in the desert, but it's always a surprise when one runs out in front of my car on my way to Paradise Cafe/Bakery! We can hear them yipping at night in the vacant land around Surprise City Hall about a quarter mile from our home. I think they're pretty... Looks like you had fun with your grandgirls!

  2. That first visitor looks like he might have been hungry!
    This visitor was certainly grateful for the warm welcome and delicious meal - and the wonderful catch up!

  3. What good fun at your house Judy! Glad we weren't approached by any coyotes on our walk. Glad you could visit with Pondside!

  4. Your place is so green and beautiful !! Great pictures of water sprinklers and kids!! You must enjoy those grandkids! Enjoy the day!

  5. Oh..I entered my name in a draw for the new cook book! Heard it on the Christian Radio station I listen to in the car ,so quickly pulled over and entered my name!! Hope I win!!

  6. What fun for those little gals....they are darling. How nice for you to have a visit from Pondside.....I missed her on my day off. You will have to stop in again on her next trip over.

  7. that was so much fun and I could almost taste that pizza coookie!!!Coookie...
    great shots...

  8. That is a most unusual Pizza!
    I wish Pondside, and you, could just pop in here for a visit! Lovely to see her I'm sure.

  9. Our summery weather came and went too Judy. I hope it returns again for 4 more months at least! We often hear coyotes in the valley here and it always sounds like they are just across the road from us. Their cry gives me the creeps. Your little girlies look so cute playing in the sprinkler and you're right, it is good cheap entertainment! :) Nice to see a picture of Pondside and that you had a nice visit with her. Enjoy your day. Pam

  10. Looks like an interesting week of visitors and activities. A little bit of heat makes brings the best of water activities and like you said, "It's cheap."
    I enjoyed my visit with you and Pondside. Always good times just around the corner.

  11. You've had some sweet visitors lately, excepting the coyote. I hope that warm weather returns soon.

  12. Such precious moments with two beautiful little girls. Hopefully the coyotes don't become too brazenly bold! They are much friendlier much farther away!

    Gracious Hospitality

  13. Eek - that coyote was a tad close! Your little grands are super sweet and I hope "summa" returns real soon! Glad you and Pondside had a nice visit. Enjoy being the visitor today.

  14. Oh. Coyote. Ah. Don't. like. them. at. all.

    Charming guests all three. H didn't hop about under the sprinkler? ☺

  15. My Dad could call a coyote right to your lap...
    Your farm is so beautiful Judy and you are so blessed to have darling grands frolicking about on a warm spring day.

  16. is that smarty pizza cookie recipe available somewhere on your web sight? just wondering if i can make it too.

    1. I posted the recipe on my recipe blog. If you click on the link 'smartie pizza' will take you there.

  17. Love your post and every.single.picture!
    My daughters and I saw a bobcat on our way home from the movies Sunday evening. We do NOT live in the country!
    Love how YOU love Pondside!! EVERYONE loves My Front Porch and Pondside!!!

  18. I hear coyotes in the hills, but I haven't seen one here as yet, which is OK with me!

    I used to love splashing in a sprinkler when I was young, as well as my children. I must get one for my grands when they visit.

    I'd love to do a pizza tour of Brooklyn -- my husband;s nephew actually runs a very popular pizza?Brooklyn tour called "A Slice of Brooklyn." :)

  19. What a fun summer date! I will have to make sure our old camping sprinkler is easily accessible for the next warm day. And that pizza! What a great idea!

  20. Oh I love the promise of summer coming. Love those sweet little swim suits. so fun!
    I don't often see the coyotes but at night time...they love to serenade.

  21. Sprinklers....nothing "funner"!! Our Little E wandered into ours on surprised her, but she loved it! It was so cute watching her reaction. Great that you got to visit with your friend. I think I would prefer the coyote keep his distance, too!! :-)

  22. We don't get coyotes but we do get foxes. I love the summer photos, we too had some great weather that has now gone :( and that giant cookie looks wonderful!

  23. Oh the memories held in my heart as I saw the little swimsuits and the sprinkler. Summer is almost here. Then to top it off with cookies and candy...what could be better!

    I think it would have been a double blessing for you and for Pondside to sit and visit together. Rare times like those are so special!

    We do see foxes in our back yard, but never coyotes. I am happy that way:)

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'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson