Wednesday, May 22, 2013


The text said...
The girls are coming across the fields to return the wiener roast sticks they borrowed.

Did I know they borrowed our roasting sticks?

I looked out the window...
and they were already on their way.

Why walk...when one can take the 'scraper tractor'?

And it seems their friends like nothing better than getting behind the wheel...
when they come for a visit.

They were bouncing through the field...
without a care in the world...
when suddenly there was a German Shepherd dog hot on their tail.

They looked a little concerned!

they arrived safely at 'my back porch'...
sticks in hand.

The dog owner arrived shortly thereafter...
all out of breath...
coming to retrieve his run-away Shepherd.

Joy-riding in the fields with a friend...
late Saturday evening...
all wearing pyjamas.
That is what Emme and Spencer do for fun on a long weekend!

and I hear they had their first real babysitting job over the weekend as well.
Time hurries on!


  1. Now that does look like fun. Hope that there was no speed involved with the sticks being carried in hand. Ha! And who was the dog owner? Mother? Those fields look nearly ready for haying again.

  2. How fun, I do believe I would have taken the scraper as well! I do love that they did in in there Pj's :-)


  3. Oh what fun that would be...especially in pajamas!!

  4. What a fun way to return something borrowed. Glad the dog incident turned out okay.

  5. Summer fun on the farm. How fun for them and for you to have them so close.

  6. The smiles say it all - oh, what fun they had returning wiener roasters. At least they had protection from the wolf as they were headed to Gramma's house!

  7. This makes me smile as it's nothing short that you and I would of done. Remember the time we pushed each other in wheel chairs at Butchart Gardens?
    I love watching them bounce across the fields. That's the best.

  8. What lucky girls, to live so close to Grandma and to be able to bump across the field in their PJs to return the wiener roasting sticks!

  9. So precious! I love how you are there..watching and taking pictures and I'm sure would have been out there with more than a weiner roast stick had that dog become more than happy to run behind for excitement.

  10. Babysitting! Oh my!
    Better than dating, hopefully that won't happen for a long time!

  11. LOL! What fun photos! They look so happy to be on an adventure. Babysitting already? Time does fly!

  12. How special for those kids to have you guys so near by. The memories they are making will forever be treasured as the years continue to fly by.

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  14. BABYSITTING!!!! Well, well, well... I may need to give them a call :)
    How special would that be - to have them babysit my kiddos!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson