Friday, May 10, 2013

going green...

I went to the post office to mail a parcel yesterday...

...and came home with a little bistro set for under the grape arbour.
It was green...
on special...
and had my name on it.
Shopper's Drug Mart has a good thing going...
by having Canada Post in the back corner!

The new green machine that I am really happy about is...

...this one!
After 25 years of using the previous John Deere ride-on mower...
it was time for an upgrade.
I can't really give you an honest review just yet...
since it seems hubby has decided he will mow the lawn...
new toy, and all.
The novelty will wear off...
soon enough!

Last night we...
the Mennonite Girls Can Cook team from the valley...
were guests at Sardis Fellowship Baptist
Spring Tea.
What a fun bunch!
Lovella told our story...
and we demo'd some recipes from the Celebrations cookbook.

We had green punch...
the sparkling white grape and lime punch recipe on page74 of the cookbook.

my theme for today.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Good morning! Loved the new bistro set, but especially love the grape arbor it sets under. Nice new lawn mower...I can see why hubby would need to play with that for a while, haha. Punch sounds good. Happy mother's day to you!

  2. Green it is and all so beautiful. Love the Bistro set and we need one of those new green machines around here too! I can't believe how busy you gals are - such a witness to your community and beyond!

  3. I love green too and so does hubby. The bistro set is cute and a lovely shade of green. I forgot to buy your book yesterday! And it's Mother's Day weekend! Hmmm. Broad hints will be dropped for sure! Enjoy your lawn mowing on the new JD. Hubby would love that one with the attachment. Have a great weekend Judy.

  4. I like your green...I will need to add my green shoes to that list. It's a lovely light fresh colors and almost anything can go with that. I love my new green machine...It's the best.

  5. I have a little "green" today too!....Green with envy...I'd love to have been
    at Sardis FB,...some of my favorite people in leadership there...haven't seen them in years.

  6. Green is a very good theme for today! I like your new little bistro set - I'll bet it will see a lot of glasses of lemonade over the next few months.

  7. So lovely and green there!! We're getting more and more green every day but quite a bit behind the west coast. Love your little bistro set. Just perfect for that arbour.

  8. Green is one of my favorite accent colors so I like your new green bistro set under that darling grape arbor --I never knew you had a grape arbor! My maternal grandmother had one and I have so any memories of sitting under it in summer to enjoy the shade.

    I also like you new ride on mower! When we chose our Colorado house we specifically looked for a house with small yardage as we felt a large one would be overwhelming to us. Our children have large yards so they can do all the In any event we still have enough grass now that we have to learn about taking care of and mow but we will buy a gas powered push mower...any suggestions for that? It has been raining and the grass is finally growing green and long.

    The punch looks very refreshing. I am waiting for my cookbook to be delivered--hopefully soon! I can't wait to see it!

  9. If that punch is anything like the Christmas one with limeade and cranberries that I snagged here, it's very delish.

    Charming new bistro set and great new "toy." I'm sure that you're not at all upset by Elmer's wishing to play.

  10. Green is good...the table and chairs, the mower, and the punch! Hubby has planted grass seed in our yard (messed up by our recent construction) so we are hoping to see green there soon!

  11. You know I lean towards green! Love the color!
    My nieces and nephews swiped their Dad's ride on lawn mower and had flames painted on it so he could look fierce while mowing. Hilarious!

  12. I love the green! What a great find to relax under your arbor!

  13. It was so lovely to have you at our church! We looked forward to it for over a year and were so blessed by the evening.

  14. I love green.....and that is another sweet little spot in your beautiful yard under the arbor. I get bet you will be cruising the lawn sooner than later. I always enjoyed mowing the lawn when we lived on our hobby farm. Sitting on the John Deere was relaxing.

  15. Made me smile when I read, "the novelty will wear off". The green bistro set looks so nice in the grape arbor. I think I could really enjoy drinking the green punch there, possibly for hours.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson