Wednesday, May 1, 2013

meanwhile...back at the the ranch

It's that time of year.
When the sun shines there is work to be done out in the fields.

The winter wheat all came off the field last week.

I brought lunch out to the field one day...
and found that it was not a welcome interruption for some!

Micah was riding along with Grandpa...
and really did not want to stop for lunch.

I got a message from my grands over at the farm on Saturday...
that I needed to 'come see'.

Indy had her pups.
Five in all.
What fun they will have...
the grands and the pups!

Emme, Spencer and Ryder were not all that thrilled with Indy's timing...
since they were all on their way to the provincial jump rope competition...
where Emme was competing over the weekend.
(Emme on the left in the video clip)
She did us all proud...
in a category where she was the youngest.

We took Lucy and Maggie over to see the puppies in the evening...
but kept our distance.
And then we had to do a quick barn tour as well...

...since every trip to the farm must include a visit to the cows.

This week the sun is shining...
and it will be downright warm by the weekend.
The plan is to harvest all the grass fields on the farm before the week is done.

And that is what is happening on the farm these days.


  1. Congrats to Indy on a fine litter of pups. They will provide a lot of fun when they are a bit older for the grands.

    Lucy is so cute feeding the cow. I imagine that no self-respecting little farmhand wishes to stop for adorable.

  2. Busy, busy and then a busy weekend, too! I am happy to hear about the weather report and will have to tuck in some items for the heat!!

  3. Farm life is busy all year but more so from now until fall harvest. Beautiful photos of the fields, harvesters and mountains as a backdrop. Sweet picture of Indy and her puppies. So cute! And sweet pictures of your grand girlies feeding the cows. Farm life is always interesting and entertaining. Have a great day! Hugs, Pam

  4. Love how green everything is at the farm!! Our farm is getting there, hopefully the last of the snow was this week!! We have purchased 1/4 of land just outside of Med Hat..the land is rented, renters are just getting going with working the soil. Always great to see little ones enjoying the farm! Have a great day.

  5. Oh those sweet pups.....what fun the grands will have over the next little while! Love the pictures of "feeding" the cows - so cute. Your little farmer wasn't thinking of food - just farmin'. Wow - how do they skip like that?? It's amazing!

  6. it looks like the grands are excited about visiting at the farm...Spring harvest. New Puppies. Perfect's going to get hot! Roll Kuchen and Watermelon must be lined up at your kitchen window shortly.

  7. Looks like you are having beautiful weather! Puppies are fun...I can see a lot of frolicking in the future!!

  8. Great photo's and very sweet puppies

  9. The busy time of year for farmers begins. We who enjoy the fruits of your labor thank you.

  10. I am so thankful you live on a farm and can share so many beautiful and interesting farm pictures. My husband wants to know what the name of your blue tractor is? The dog and babies is a great picture! Your granddaughter and the cow eating, is adorable! I am sure it is quite busy.

    1. Judy...the blue tractor is a Ford New Holland.

  11. Hello! This was my first visit here and I am so glad I popped by! Loved reading about your happenings. Cute pictures! My daughter and her little family also own and live on a dairy farm! I love the way of life. Hope you enjoy your day! Debbie

  12. Busy times for grandpas, grandchildren and mother dogs! Of course, Grandma is everywhere! I missed the video of the jump rope competition. Did it drop off?

    1. The video clip is linked to the words 'Emme was competing' (just click).

  13. So much excitement there! Puppies, skipping competion,feeding cows ... all while the men are harvesting and getting meals taken out to them ...lots hapening are you going to add this weekend to it all?

  14. Is it just me or does everyone else's farm look more fun? I love the photos of the field mowing. Such a beautiful sight. I love those puppies and the cows to.

  15. It looks like a very busy time there on your dairy farm, Judy! We had more snow so I wonder what the ranchers do here with such dismal spring weather?

    Congrats to Emme! I watched the video and she did a wonderful job!

    Congrats also to Momma Indy -- her pups look adorable!

  16. Your new banner picture is most beautiful! What a dream it would be to sit at that table with a group of friends.

  17. It's good to see Emme keeping on going with her jump roping. Pretty amazing quick footedness! I think the picture of Lucy/Maggie feeding the cow in boots and raincoat is so adorable! What a nice life your grands have.
    I am thoroughly enjoying my new Celebrations cookbook. I am reading it from cover to cover and am appreciating the words, the family stories, the friendships of you women, the photography, the color coordination of your tea party and aprons, etc., etc. It's even bigger than the first cookbook! I don't know how you all as busy women had the time to do this quick turn-around for a second book, or how you all avoided talking about it every week in your various blogs! A well-kept secret! Thank you for the book. Holly

  18. Hi! Is Indy a rottweiler?? We really want a puppy!!


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